Mission: Live Fire Exercises

By undertaking this mission, Samuel Thorpe masters advanced tactics and large-scale combat. This training will be conducted with live ammunition. Be careful to avoid any unnecessary losses.



  • 20 men
  • 1 vehicle

The list of current Perihelion assets can be found here.

Time Frame:

  • Start: October 7, 00:01 CEST
  • End: October 20, 23:59 CEST
  • Game days: 14


  • Play 48 Global Operations matches using a Storyline Campaign vehicle (+15% difficulty modifier included)

Special Rules:

  • Driving while Black: In a previous article, you chose dark colors for Perihelion’s vehicles. These, however, are not very suitable for hot environments as they absorb heat and make the crew compartment as well as training extremely uncomfortable, even for the accompanying troops. Added an extra 5% difficulty modifier (already reflected in the requirement above)


  • Perihelion Grey base paint

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