Mission: Reinforcements

By undertaking this mission, the Perihelion outfit trains hard enough for David Murdoch to consider allocating additional resources. In return for some undisclosed services, the U.S. Army leases an old prototype to the Perihelion base in Arizona to be used in training.



  • 20 men
  • 1 vehicle

The list of current Perihelion assets can be found here.

Time Frame:

  • Start: October 7, 00:01 CEST
  • End: October 31, 23:59 CEST
  • Game days: 25


  • Obtain the M60A3 SLEP Main Battle Tank from the Raiders on the Storm event until October 31, 2021, 23:59 CEST (no difficulty modifiers apply to this objective)

Special Rules:

  • It does not matter what vehicles you use for this mission. As long as you have the SLEP by October 31, you're fine


  • 1 Platinum Loot Crate
  • Samuel Thorpe player avatar (Result: Solid Victory or better)
  • M60A3 SLEP becomes a Storyline Campaign vehicle (Result: Major Victory or better)

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