In Development: Shell Economy Changes


Update 0.19 brought a rebalanced economy that was changed based on all the update parameters of vehicles such as damage, hitpoints etc. Unfortunately, for Tier 9 and 10 tanks, this initially led to a massive unintended increase in income due to their extra hitpoints and damage. It was too high and had to be limited, which is why an internal income modifier was introduced for them, reducing artificially the reward per damage dealt component of the income. In Update 0.20, this hidden modifier is removed and the economy is rebalanced by increasing the price of Tier 9 and 10 shells instead.


What this means is that while the nominal price of shells increases, the overall income does not decrease compared to Update 0.19. The economy model does not change either - playing on vehicles of highest Tiers will continue to be profitable as before, players will not lose Credits even after the ammunition and repair costs are applied - there is an automated system in place that compensates players should the costs be too high (however, consumables are not a part of the system and their prices are not compensated - it is theoretically possible to lose Credits per battle with consumables).

However, there will be some changes to economy in the future. For one, the initial Update 0.20 shell price increase was evaluated and found to be too steep, which is why the shell price on top tiers will be reduced after the launch of Update 0.20.

We also want to focus more on the correlation between player performance and rewards - in other words, we want to make the income more performance based. Players who contribute nothing to the battle can expect to see their income decrease in the future.

Read more about Update 0.20.

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