Storyline Campaign – Choosing your Colors (Stage 2)


We’re happy to announce the results of the Choosing your Colors part of the Storyline Campaign. Or, at least, the results of the first stage, in which you were asked to choose the following aspects of Perihelion forces:

  • Color of Samuel Thorpe’s BMPT
  • Name of Samuel Thorpe’s BMPT
  • Standard color of Perihelion forces

First, let’s deal with the colors.

Samuel Thorpe’s BMPT – out of the 995 submitted responses, by far the most popular choice was the color Black (196 votes) followed by Dark Red, Medium Dark Red and Dark Grey (each with 60 votes).

scr1 scr2 scr3 scr4

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Perihelion vehicles – much like the BMPT, this too ended with a victory of the color Black (102 votes), followed by Dark Grey (67 votes) and Red (60 votes).

scr5 scr6 scr7

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You clearly like your colors dark, commanders! Below, you’ll find a confirmation vote – now that you can actually see just how these vehicles would look, you have a chance to pick again between the most popular choices.

However, keep in mind that the colors have to differ and the BMPT is the leading choice, so if you choose the color Black for both, the BMPT will stay black and the Perihelion color will be the next runner up.

And last but not least, there’s the matter of the BMPT name. In the poll below, you’ll find the most interesting choices, as picked by the author of the Storyline Campaign lore. Choose wisely, who knows what effect this will have for the future. Without further ado:


The vote will be available until Monday, August 16 with the campaign itself launching later this month. We apologize for the delays; we want to make absolutely sure everything’s working as intended.

See you on the battlefield!

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