Black Sea Incursion. Season 1

Armored Warfare updates are now connected with a common plot and will be released in the form of Special Operations Seasons.

Live through events which escalated into the massive conflict between mercenaries in this first season.

This new Special Operation takes place in an environment realistically modeled after a real life battle zone in the Caucasus region

What is the Black Sea Incursion?

The city of Batumi. It all started there. Acting on an anonymous tip, which revealed an enemies plan to capture his employer's precious cargo, Magnus deployed his team to do what they do best - solve the problem. Little did he know that the routine operation would turn into a nightmare. As part of his team, you watched as the sky lit up with hundreds of tracer rounds as the shells sung and whistled towards you. You had nowhere to run, and your entire world crumbled with nothing left – nothing but your iron will and desire for change. This is when you issue a challenge to the whole of mankind...

Unique Rewards

Get season-themed Decals for your vehicles and an awesome Avatar!

Renegade — a unique, Season 1 Camouflage pattern

Unique avatar
Season 1 Decal
Season 1 Decal
Season 1 Decal
Season 1 Decal
Season 1 Decal


Take command of your operations using the brand new HQ World Map! Use your arsenal wisely for each assignment on the map and collect grand rewards for completing them all!  

Take the battlefield by storm in your ERC-90 F4 Shark!

The vehicle is a modified ERC 90 with the GIAT TS90 turret, armed with a powerful 90mm cannon capable of firing APFSDS rounds that can kill an armored target at the distance of up to 2km.

*Gift has a duration of 30 days.