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Over the upcoming weeks and months, we’re planning run a number of focus tests with an eye towards testing servers, game balance, and collecting feedback from members of the community. We’d like to get as many of you involved as possible, but in order to do that, we need a bit of help! We’ve created this survey so that we can learn more about your availability, gaming habits, interests, and more as we get closer to inviting people to focus tests.

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If you’re interested in participating, we urge you to complete this brief survey! We’ll be using the information gathered to choose a broad range of participants. Keep in mind that we’re planning on running several focus tests in the run-up to the closed beta, so if you don’t get into the first one, that doesn’t mean you won’t get into later tests! Keep an eye on the Armored Warfare website and on our Facebook, Google+ and Twitter channels for more information and the latest news!

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