0.30 PTS now available!


Update 0.30 is now available on the Public Test Server.


The main features of Update 0.30 “American Dream” include:

  • New Vehicles
  • Two Special Operations
  • New Contract Missions Campaign
  • Consumables Redesign

You can read more about the main features in a dedicated article.

Please submit your feedback and report all issues to the 0.30 PTS Feedback Form. You can also visit our dedicated Discord PTS channel.

Update 0.30 – Preliminary Patchnotes

Gameplay Mechanisms

New Special Operation

Two epic Special Operation missions await you, taking place in the United States of America. These will, of course, come with new achievements:

  • Patriot (several stages)
  • No-fly Zone
  • Hello and Goodbye
  • Tac Team Mission
  • To Protect and to Serve

More achievements will be added along with the two remaining American Dream Special Operation missions. This season also comes with a new, Arizona-themed Garage.

Contract Mission Campaign

A new Contract Mission campaign awaits you in Update 0.30. Based on your positive feedback, the campaign will feature similar mechanics to the Moscow Calling one, allowing you to obtain the main prize without having to collect Loot Crates or blueprint pieces.

The new prize will be a Tier 9 Premium Tank Destroyer called Stryker ADATS – a Stryker chassis with a turret featuring not only very fast ATGMs, but also unguided rockets.

It's worth noting that if you obtained the ZUBR PSP prize vehicle during the earlier Moscow Calling contract but have not completed its upgrade objectives, the American Dream contracts will also count towards those.

Consumables Redesign

We've decided to significantly simplify and adjust the consumables system in order to make it more interesting and easier to use. Each consumable will have only two types – basic, which will be free to use and available for everyone, and improved, which will be available for Credits. We will also be removing some of the least used consumables (the cheapest ones called Repair Kit and First Aid Kit). The free consumables will always be available for every vehicle, will become installed by default and will also be automatically refilled after their use in battle (the automatic refill ticker was therefore removed).

Additionally, we will significantly overhaul the PvE-only consumables by removing the old ones and replacing them with a new set. The respawn feature in PvE will no longer be consumable-dependent and will be available to every player for a small Credit fee. All PvE modes will allow for two revivals upon your vehicle's destruction.

PvE will also offer one free ammunition refill by every player – simply press Q (the same way a Wildcard would be activated in Global Operations) and the feature is activated.

And, finally, we will be introducing several new PvE-specific consumables using the current consumable mechanics (purchasing them for Credits) that will allow you to:

  • Deal much more damage for several seconds
  • Increase penetration for several seconds
  • Reduce damage taken for several seconds
  • Increase mobility for several seconds

Each of them will have three charges and will be usable in PvE only.

Internal Damage during Collisions Overhaul

We've significantly overhauled the way damage to crew members and internal vehicle modules works when the vehicle is ramming, being rammed or falls from some height. Earlier, the system worked using the "all or nothing" principle where these components, upon receiving damage, made a saving throw and either were either completely destroyed (ignoring Commander's skills or other internal module durability boosters) or were left untouched.

This caused some strange cases such as getting your VBL destroyed after only a small fall because both its crewmembers died.

From this update, internal modules only start getting damaged if you receive a ramming or fall hit worth 25% of your hitpoints and the damage to them is affected by various additional considerations such as Commander skills, module hitpoint bonuses and other such modifiers. In other words, receiving a ramming or fall hit worth 30% of your hitpoints will only lead to minor module damage while getting hit for 90% of your hitpoints will result in massive internal damage.

General Changes

  • Improved the performance of all thermobaric ATGMs – their bonus damage was improved to 66% with a major bonus to the radius of module damage (which now corresponds to the standard damage radius)
  • HEAT shells now cause a 2m wide blast wave (4m for HEAT-MP), which affects the game environmental objects such as walls and fences
  • Doubled the blast wave radius of HE and thermobaric shells and warheads
  • Tier 3 retrofit from Leclerc can now be unlocked in PvE
  • The Battalion Contract Mission that required you to kill 1000 enemy vehicles now only requires you to kill 200 with each player vehicle kill counting as five kills for its purposes
  • Fixed a number of issues that caused the game to crash


New Progression Vehicles

New progression vehicles were added to Oscar Faraday's vehicle pool:

  • Griffin 50mm Tier 8 AFV – unlocked from the Leclerc Prototype, this Griffin will be the heavy IFV version of the program. Gameplay-wise, it will feature a tremendously powerful and accurate automatic cannon, allowing it to snipe at longer distances
  • M113 Hellfire Tier 9 TD – unlocked from the Griffin 50mm, this fragile but potent vehicle will feature multiple Hellfire ATGM launchers, allowing it to devastate its targets at long distances
  • TTB Tier 9 MBT – unlocked from the M1A2 Abrams, this vehicle represents the future of the Abrams MBT, at least the way the American developers saw it in the 1980s. With its unmanned turret and a plethora of upgrades (including a hydraulic suspension), you will have to see the "what if the Cold War never ended" Abrams future in action
  • M48 GAU-8 Tier 10 TD – unlocked from the TTB, this vehicle will feature a brand new mechanic that is coming to Armored Warfare – a rotary cannon. Spin those barrels and let the enemies experience several dozen rounds per second

Additional Progression

We added optional Active Abilities as additional progression elements to the following Tier 10 vehicles:

  • T-14 Armata
  • Merkava Mk.4M
  • Leopard 2AX
  • Type 99A2

The T-14 Armata also received a Mastery skin using mechanics similar to the Leclerc T4. Please visit each vehicle to find out more about their upgrade conditions. It's worth noting that the new Tier 10 vehicles introduced in this update also have access to additional progression elements.

And last but not least, all Tier 9 and Tier 10 Light Tanks received a new module called Improved Gearbox, adding 15 km/h to their maximum speed. It can be obtained for all Light Tanks by unlocking it on any single vehicle that has it available or getting it directly by obtaining the VT-5 or M8 Hades Premium vehicles that will have it unlocked by default.

General Changes

  • Somewhat increased the initial acceleration of all vehicles
  • Reduced the Light Tank tendency to drift
  • All MBTs now lose twice as much camouflage when moving. Additionally, MBTs with gas turbine engines lose camouflage faster and take longer to recover it
  • A number of shells had different properties on different tanks, even though they were fired from identical guns. We rebalanced them to perform the same – specific changes are listed for each vehicle separately
  • Rebalanced the Refleks ATGM and unified its parameters for all vehicles
  • Fixed an issue where the visuals of some models decreased in the recent season compared to their introduction (for example, Magach 5)
  • Reduced the damage taken from having your engine on fire for the following vehicles – ASCOD LT, T-72B3, BVP-M2 Šakal and Sprut-SD
  • Improved the visual effect of APS
  • ASCOD LT and T92 Light Tank now start with Level 1 crews instead of Level 5 upon purchase
  • Improved the visual quality of the M8 series
  • Added a new infra-red searchlight model for the M60 Patton series
  • Added a new smoke generator visual effect for those vehicles that use it
  • A number of vehicles had incorrect (excessively high) chance for their engines to start burning when hit, which we corrected
  • The visual effect where a turret gets ripped off by an ammunition explosion is now no longer limited to actual ammo rack detonation, but can also occur if the killing alone deals a lot of damage. The higher the damage, the higher the chance of this event occurring
  • Fixed the appearance of the Techno camouflage
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to see the ATGM launchers in sniper mode for the entire BMPT series
  • Fixed a number of smaller visual vehicle issues (smaller texture adjustments etc.)
  • Fixed a number of smaller issues with Armor Inspector models


  • This vehicle now has an animated active ability

B1 Draco

  • Improved the visual quality of this vehicle's model
  • Fixed an issue where this vehicle missed its gunfire effects on every second shot

BM Oplot

  • 3VBK25 HEAT shell flight velocity increased from 905 m/s to 915 m/s


  • PG-15VS HEAT shell flight velocity increased from 1000 m/s to 1050 m/s


  • PG-15VS HEAT shell flight velocity increased from 1000 m/s to 1050 m/s

BMP-3M Dragun

  • 3VBK25 HEAT shell flight velocity increased from 905 m/s to 915 m/s
  • 3VOF22 HE shell flight velocity increased from 500 m/s to 850 m/s
  • 3UBK14 Refleks ATGM flight velocity reduced from 350 m/s to 300 m/s

BMPT Terminator Prototype

  • Fixed the incorrect autocannon recoil animation

BMPT Terminator (Ramka-99)

  • 9M120F thermobaric missile blast radius was increased from 3m to 6m

BMPT Mod. 2017

  • The armor value of soft ERA bags increased from 1mm to 30mm

BVP Šakal

  • The vehicle can now elevate its ATGM launcher to +23 degrees and depress it to -7 degrees

Expeditionary Tank

  • M774 shell received 25% bonus to causing fires due to its depleted uranium core
  • M774 shell flight velocity increased from 1502 m/s to 1509 m/s

FV510 Warrior

  • Improved the visual quality of this vehicle's model

K21 XC-8

  • This vehicle can now deploy a 360 degree smoke screen
  • DM12A2 HEAT shell flight velocity reduced from 1635 m/s to 1180 m/s
  • Improved the visual quality of this vehicle's model


  • M774 shell flight velocity increased from 1494 m/s to 1509 m/s

Leclerc Prototype

  • The radius of its smoke grenades was increased to be twice as big and now corresponds to the one of the Leclerc T4
  • Engine grilles are now a part of the vehicle's collision model


  • Fixed the twitching of a part of the model with the AZUR armor kit installed

Leclerc T4

  • The collision model of the turret now corresponds to the visual one
  • Fixed the collision model of the side ERA screens

Leclerc T40

  • Fixed minor issues with the collision model of this vehicle

Leopard 2A5

  • Improved the visual quality of this vehicle's model
  • Fixed an issue where the installed APS would not appear in the Armor Inspector window

Leopard 2 Revolution Wallbreaker

  • Fixed the appearance of decals on this vehicle

M-95 Degman

  • 3VBK25 HEAT shell flight velocity reduced from 1140 m/s to 915 m/s
  • 3VBK25 HEAT shell maximum damage bonus reduced from 35% to 30%

M2A3 Bradley

  • Fixed an issue where this vehicle's turret wouldn't fly off even after an ammo rack explosion

M8 Buford

  • Fixed an issue where it was impossible to damage this tank by APFSDS or HEAT shells when firing at its turret hatches

M8 Thunderbolt

  • Fixed an issue where the first slot decal would not appear on the vehicle

Object 640

  • Fixed an issue where this tank was missing the ammo rack blow-out panels mechanism, allowing it to take reduced damage from ammunition explosions
  • 3VBK27 HEAT shell flight velocity increased from 750 m/s to 905 m/s

OT-65A Vydra

  • Fixed an issue where this vehicle's gunner and commander optics did not appear in the Armor Inspector feature and could not be damaged in battle
  • Fixed this vehicle's exhaust effect
  • Fixed an issue where the engine fire effect was missing


  • Updated the vehicle's visual model

Rooikat 76

This vehicle received a new, more powerful hybrid power pack, allowing it (apart from accelerating better and improving its maximum speed) to drive very fast in reverse and to turn on the spot thanks to the drive's electric engines installed in its wheel hubs.


  • 3VBK25 HEAT shell flight velocity increased from 910 m/s to 915 m/s

Stingray 2

  • M883 shell flight velocity increased from 1455 m/s to 1494 m/s

T-15 Armata

  • 9M133F thermobaric missile blast radius was increased from 3m to 6m

T-64 Mod.76

  • 3VBM9 shell flight velocity reduced from 1785 m/s to 1750 m/s


  • 3VBK25 HEAT shell flight velocity increased from 905 m/s to 915 m/s
  • 3VBK25 HEAT shell maximum damage bonus increased from 25% to 30%


  • 3VBK25 HEAT shell flight velocity increased from 905 m/s to 915 m/s

Type 99

  • Fixed an issue where the Type 99 MBT had a visible gap between its hull and its turret

Wilk XC-8

  • DM12A2 HEAT shell flight velocity reduced from 1635 m/s to 1180 m/s
  • DM12A2 HEAT shell damage increased from 565 to 575

Player versus Environment

  • Improved the AI vehicle spawn pool with multiple new machines
  • Black Sea Incursion, Special Operation 2: your allies are now driving tanks with better protection on Extreme difficulty
  • Moscow Calling, Special Operation 3: the times for the destruction of each truck have been corrected
  • Operation Hydra: fixed the issue that made it possible to fall through a bridge

Alabino Proving Grounds

  • Vehicle targets now have the correct amount of hitpoints as a player vehicles would instead of the reduced amount that appears on AI opponents in PvE
  • The map now features more vehicle targets of the MBT class
  • Vehicles targets now share Tier with the vehicle driven by you

User Interface

  • We overhauled the way the death screen that appears upon your vehicle's destruction looks
  • You can now invite your last PvE match's players to form a platoon at the end of the match through the results screen
  • Vehicle status panel now features up to three active Commander abilities
  • Updated the bundle acquisition window appearance
  • For Global Operations match results, in the Team performance tab, the targets spotted column was replaced by a support damage one
  • Fixed the Elite Loot Crate and Special Operation (War Games) Loot Crate description in order to correctly display which Battle Coin drops carry over to the next Battle Path and which do not
  • Changed the battle UI lower left screen corner icon for the following vehicles – AMX-10RCR, 2S3 Akatsiya, Centauro 155 and BMD-1
  • Changed the penetration and damage icons in the Garage UI

Issues and Corrections

  • Fixed an issue where an incorrect modifier is applied to inactive vehicles' results in the detailed battle results window
  • Fixed an issue where progression vehicles with skins installed had incorrect elements present on their icons and in their descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where the Support Fire medal was awarded even after losses
  • Fixed an issue where the Contract Mission that requires you to win several battles in a row had incorrect modes listed for its completion
  • Fixed an issue where some installed modules appeared as uninstalled in the Garage UI

List of currently known issues:

  • M48 GAU-8 and M113 Hellfire are currently disabled due to their model visuals and sound effects not being finished (their current form is possible to test on the Alabino Proving Grounds but is incomplete and not balanced and thus requires no feedback)
  • English voiceover for the American Dream Special Operations is missing, the dialogues themselves (subtitles) may trigger incorrectly
  • Automatic replenishment of consumables is not working correctly, which may lead to a client crash
  • The new Death screen does not disappear after a while
  • Shell impact visuals for autocannons are missing
  • Commander Douglas O’Reilly’s portrait is missing
  • Unlocking the progression vehicles from other dealers that lead to Oscar Faraday’s tech can add lead to the appearance of a Faraday vehicle unlock token, but attempting to use that token will end with an error
  • Some new Oscar Faraday vehicle achievements are missing their icons
  • Douglas O’Reilly’s area boost effect does not show for his teammates
  • Artillery aim reticle may shake on some maps
  • Some consumables are missing their icons
  • Activating a consumable makes its icon disappear in battle, leaving only its tooltip
  • Activating the last consumable charge may cause the icon to turn dark
  • The sound associated with replenishing your ammunition (the Q key) only plays when the ammunition is full
  • Placeholder texts are present in the Results window in the consumable (respawn) areas
  • AFK players and early quitters are not punished if they resurrect at least once
  • American Dream Special Operation 1: some environmental objects may shake at medium or long distances
  • American Dream Special Operation 1: tanks and helicopters may not appear in the initial cut-scene correctly
  • American Dream Special Operation 1: trucks with prisoners are missing a cabin collision model
  • American Dream Special Operation 1,2: it’s possible to aim outside the map area with artillery
  • Musical score for the American Dream Special Operations loading screen is missing
  • Video Introduction to the American Dream update is missing

Please note:

The Public Test Server is a special, separate server, running an experimental version of the game with the specific goal of uncovering and resolving this new version’s issues using player feedback.

By entering the server, you acknowledge that the game experience may be diminished by the abovementioned issues as well as downtimes that may occur at any time based on the needs of the testing schedule.


To enter the Public Test Server, you need to have a special client installed.

  • Please open the Armored Warfare launcher
  • Scroll the launcher window to find the Test Server button
  • Press the Test Server button in the launcher
  • Follow the standard installation instructions

We’ll see you on your battlefield!

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