Annual Halloween Tank-o-Lantern Contest


It's that time of year again – a time of ghosts, mystery and pumpkins! We are proud to present the Halloween Tank-o-Lantern Contest!


From October 23 to October 29 2017 (23:00 CEST), players have the opportunity to submit pictures of their carved pumpkins in the dedicated forum thread.

The submissions must be new - re-submitting last year's or 2015 contest entry will result in a disqualification.

The community team will select 10 best pumpkins and the best carvers will win the following prizes:

  • First place: Kampfpanzer-70
  • Second place: BMPT Terminator Reaper
  • Third place: Expeditionary Tank Reaper
  • Fourth to Tenth place: 7 days of Premium Time

Please note:

  • Players who own the prize vehicles already will receive their value in Gold
  • Only submissions in the dedicated forum thread will be accepted
  • You agree that your creation/content may be published and used by B.V. for promotional purposes
  • You agree not to submit any content protected by copyright or already published on the Internet
  • You identify yourself as the author of the creation/content you are submitting, by holding up a note with your in-game name (or propping it up next to the pumpkin). You must include verification that you created the pumpkin
  • For images: Any and all image editing tools are allowed to create your submission.

We're very excited about your spooky submissions and wish you the best of luck. Happy Halloween, scare you on the battlefield!

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