Autumn Damage Contest


Autumn is finally here and a new contest with it. As you know, we’re currently celebrating our anniversary, but we’d like to give you additional opportunity to win more prizes than just that.


In this contest, we’ll be asking you to deal as much damage during certain dates while driving specific Tier vehicles:

  • September 14 to 16: Tier 6
  • September 17 to 19: Tier 7
  • September 20 to 22: Tier 8
  • September 23 to 25: Tier 9
  • September 26 to 28: Tier 10

You can compete in four categories, separated by mode:

  • PvP (Random Battles)
  • Global Operations
  • PvE (excl. Special Operations)
  • Special Operations (any type or difficulty except for Heroic)

Post the screenshot of your result (both Team and regular tab) in the dedicated contest channel along with your name, category and result number. We also reserve the right to ask for a replay, so make sure you record your battle. The submission template is as such:

Mode (PvP, PvE, GLOPS)/ Result/Tier/Ingame nickname

The prizes are as follows:

  • For the Tier 6 to Tier 9 rounds, four best results (one per mode) will receive the BVP M-80A Tier 5 Premium Armored Fighting Vehicle (or its price in Gold if you have it already)
  • For the Tier 10 round, four best results (one per mode) will receive the ZTQ-15 Tier 9 Premium Light Tank (or its price in Gold if you have it already)

Please note:

  • One player can only submit one result per mode category per round (so make sure you submit your best one)
  • One player can only win once per Tier 6 to Tier 9 rounds and once per Tier 10 round (a single player can therefore theoretically win one BVP M-80A and one ZTQ-15)
  • All submitted results must be from the battles that take place during the appropriate round of the event
  • Platoons are not allowed
  • For the purpose of this event, a day begins and ends at midnight, CEST timezone
  • The winners will be announced after each round and the prizes will be distributed after the end of each round

Good luck and see you on the battlefield!

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