AWL International is here!


The AWL International tournament is about to kick off! The four best EU server teams are about to fight the best Proekt Armata (RU) teams for honor, glory and Gold!


Where does the event take place?

  • Server: dedicated RU
  • Language: English
  • Date: 21.5.2018 to 31.5.2018
  • Time: from 19:00 CEST
  • Mode: PvP Encounter
  • Format: 7-man teams, each team plays against each opposing server team (Best of 7)
  • Maps: Pipelines, Narrows, Tropical Coast, Lost Island
  • Tier: 7 (Consumables and Premium Vehicles allowed, Artillery not allowed)

The EU and NA servers will be represented by the following teams:

  • HYPE (Poland)
  • SRY (International)
  • WNC (Poland)
  • YAQZA (Poland)

The RU server will be represented by the following teams:

  • FamilyOrlandinos
  • PlagueTeam
  • Gods_of_Olympus


Round 1

  • 21.5.2018, 19:00 CEST - FamilyOrlandinos vs HYPE
  • 21.5.2018, 20:00 CEST - PlagueTeam vs SRY
  • 22.5.2018, 19:00 CEST - FATALITY vs YAQZA
  • 22.5.2018, 20:00 CEST - Gods_of_Olympus vs WNC

Round 2

  • 23.5.2018, 19:00 CEST - PlagueTeam vs WNC
  • 23.5.2018, 20:00 CEST - FamilyOrlandinos vs YAQZA
  • 24.5.2018, 19:00 CEST - Gods_of_Olympus vs SRY
  • 24.5.2018, 20:00 CEST - PlagueTeam vs HYPE

Round 3

  • 28.5.2018, 19:00 CEST - PlagueTeam vs YAQZA
  • 28.5.2018, 20:00 CEST - FamilyOrlandinos vs WNC
  • 29.5.2018, 19:00 CEST - FATALITY vs WNC
  • 29.5.2018, 20:00 CEST - Gods_of_Olympus vs HYPE

Round 4

  • 30.5.2018, 19:00 CEST - Gods_of_Olympus vs YAQZA
  • 30.5.2018, 20:00 CEST - FATALITY vs SRY
  • 31.5.2018, 19:00 CEST - FATALITY vs HYPE
  • 31.5.2018, 20:00 CEST - FamilyOrlandinos vs SRY

Server-Wide Bonuses

In this tournament, the teams are not fighting just for themselves but for their entire servers! The winning server (EU and NA or RU) will receive the following bonuses:

  • June 4 to June 8, 2018: 20% bonus to Reputation and Credit income
  • June 9, 2018: 50% bonus to Reputation and Credit income
  • June 10, 2018: 100% bonus to Reputation and Credit income


The battles will be broadcasted by the following streamers:

Tournament Rules

These rules, posted on the site, are the official rules of the AWL International (hereinafter referred to as the "Tournament"). The tournament is held among the teams that have received the right to participate. These rules apply to every team, team managers, team captains, all the team players and other Tournament participants.

AWL International Rules (Click to Open)

The organizer of the tournament is the Armored Warfare team.


  • Team - an organized group of players eligible for the tournament. A team consists of 7 players and up to 2 reserve players
  • Player - a member of a team who has been signed up for the tournament
  • Team’s captain - the player representing his team and responsible for providing the Tournament Organizer with the necessary information
  • Referee - a representative of the Tournament Organizer, responsible for observing and enforcing the tournament rules
  • Round - a fight between two teams on one map
  • Match - a series of rounds


  • RU server
  • 8 teams, 7 players each
  • The bracket is generated automatically
  • Format - Best of 7
  • Maps - Pipelines/Narrows/Tropical Coast/Lost Island
  • Map pool is formed by banning 4 maps, and consists of 3 maps in total. 6 rounds are played on the maps in the reverse ban order: firstly the map that was left after the ban phase is played, then the one that was banned the last, then the one that was banned second to last. Each map is played twice, teams switch sides for the second round
  • The team which is higher in the bracket gets to pick the respawn site
  • Lobby parameters: Encounter match, Privacy - Private, Duration - 10 minutes, Allow Invites - on. The name of the lobby must contain the names of both teams
  • Tier 7, all classes except for SPG are allowed, premiums allowed, all consumables allowed, all commanders are allowed

Before and during the matches:

  • All matches must start by 19:00 CEST
  • At 19:00 CEST, the team captains will get an option to check in on the match page. As soon as one team captain checks in, a 15 minutes timer starts, and if the second captain fails to check in on time, the first team gets a default win
  • After both captains have checked in, they may add each other as friends in-game, prepare the lobby and commence the map pick ban
  • All captains must make screenshots of the results after every map played
  • After the match has concluded, the captains must enter the results of the match on the match page and attach relevant screenshots
  • All matches must conclude by 22:00 CEST
  • In case where one captain can’t reach another to start a match, but both captains have checked in, a Tournament Organizer must be contacted
  • During the matches, players are expected to demonstrate fair play and good sportsmanship
  • If a tie-breaker also ends up in a draw, the winner is determined by the same statistics as in the AWL Spring Cup (vehicles left alive, damage done, default loss for both teams or a rematch if no damage was dealt)
  • The team that is higher in bracket (“home” team) is determined randomly before every match. That team is the first to ban a map and first to choose a side on a map

Win conditions:

  • A team wins a match after winning 4 round in Bo7
  • The conditions for winning a round correspond with the in-game conditions
  • If no winner is determined during the 6 rounds, the 7th round is treated like a tie-break and is played on the map that was banned second.
  • If a tie-breaker also ends up in a draw, the winner is determined by the following statistics:
  1. Amount of vehicles left alive after the tie-breaker ends
  2. If not determined by (1), by the amount of damage dealt by the whole team combined
  3. If not determined by (2), a referee can call another tie-break round or give default losses to both of the teams, at the discretion of the jury and the Tournament Organizer


A team may be disqualified for the following reasons, at the discretion of the referee from a CM team:

  • A team or a member of a team was found guilty of cheating or hacking in any way that gave said team an unfair advantage during the match
  • A team or a member of a team was found guilty of match fixing
  • A member of a team used obscene, vulgar or offensive language, or statements inciting hatred or discrimination, at any point before, during and after the match
  • A team or a member of a team was found guilty of breaking the Armored Warfare EULA
  • A member of a team knowingly mislead the Tournament Organizer or other players using deliberately false information
  • A member of a team has switched his or her vehicle during a replay
  • A member of a team has used an account that belongs to a third person
  • A member of a team has provided information about a match lobby to anyone other than the match participants, a referee or an official streamer
  • This list is not exclusive. In all disputes the Tournament Organizer has the final decision and reserves the right to disqualify a team

Other rules:

  • If necessary a team can take part in a match with incomplete composition. The minimum number of players in the team for the match is 5 players, which means a match can be played 7vs6 or 7vs5. In the event where a team has less than 5 player present, that team gets a default loss
  • All captains must have 1 video replay of their matches that must be submitted to the Tournament Organizer (referee) if requested
  • In case of a technical issue a round is replayed. Only global server-side issues count as a technical issue
  • Players may switch their vehicles between the rounds. In case of a replay of a round players cannot switch their vehicles
  • A referee might contact team captains and ask to be invited to spectate a match before or during the game
  • Selected matches, included finals, will be broadcasted on AW official Twitch, Youtube & Facebook and casted by the CMs & AW streamers. Tournament Organizer will reach out to team captains to allow spectating for the streamers
  • Tournament Organizer reserves the right to call for an additional match to determine stronger team.
  • Tournament Organizer reserves the right to fine a team (reduce their prize) if said team has received a default loss during the tournament
  • Tournament Organizer reserves the right to alter these rules at any point
  • By signing up for the tournament team captains confirm that they have read and agreed to these rules
  • In any and all non-standard situations or situations not described by these rules the Tournament Organizer reserves the right resolve the situation at its discretion


  • Each Team will receive 50.000 Gold per victory
  • The top Team will be hailed as the International Spring champion and will receive a special prize

Good luck commanders – we’ll see you on the international battlefield!

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