Balance 2.0 - Changes to the Loot System


Update 0.19 is bringing a significant Loot system overhaul. Ever since the introduction of the Loot System in Update 0.16, one major flaw has plagued this gameplay element. The crates as a whole dropped too often and very active players were literally spammed by them. Virtually every average or better game resulted in a crate drop.


Another matter was the reward quality. Even the Platinum Loot Crates were easy to obtain but their content, while providing a nice boost, was not something that would truly excite players. It only went down from there and the contents of lower end Crates, such as the Bronze ones, is generally considered worthless.

The combination of these two factors – a high amount of drops and unexciting rewards – led to the accumulation of a large number of unopened crates in player inventories. To improve this, we decided to overhaul the Loot system in Update 0.19.

The first thing we did was reduce the amount of Crate categories from five to three. Bronze and Steel Crates will no longer drop as rewards (although they will remain in player inventories).

The parameters of the three remaining Crate types were modified by increasing their Reputation threshold so that players only receive a Crate when they perform really well in a particular battle – in other words, there is a lower chance of a Crate drop in Update 0.19. In Update 0.19, a player must fulfill the following requirements to receive a Crate drop:

  • Silver Crate - be in the Top 2% for Reputation per Server per Tier and per Mode
  • Gold Crate - be in the Top 1% for Reputation per Server per Tier and per Mode
  • Platinum Crate - be in the Top 0.1% for Reputation per Server per Tier and per Mode

Our goal is to make a Crate drop something rare and exciting, not an every-battle occurrence.

Crates can be obtained both in PvP and PvE. Please note that Gold Crates can only drop in PvE on Medium or Hard difficulty and Platinum Crates can only drop on Hard difficulty.

Reducing the drop rate is only one part of the equation. The other is to increase the rewards from crate drops to make them worthwhile – and we did just that.


For one, all crates will now always drop both Credits and Global Reputation. We also increased the amount of Boosters and Insignias that will drop from them. Silver Crates now contain two Boosters or Insignias, Gold Crates now have three and Platinum Crates four. Apart from that, two rare rewards can drop from a Platinum Crate – these can either be very high-level Boosters or Insignias, 7 days of Premium Time or even 30 days of Premium Time. It's even possible to receive two 30 days of Premium Time tokens from a single Crate at the same time! This makes Platinum Crates extremely valuable.

To sum up the crate reward types, here's a breakdown of possible drops.

Silver Crates

  • Silver Booster
  • Silver Insignia
  • Credits
  • Global Reputation

Gold Crates

  • Silver Booster
  • Gold Insignia
  • Credits
  • Global Reputation

Platinum Crates

  • Silver Booster
  • Gold Booster
  • Gold Insignia
  • Platinum Insignia
  • Credits
  • Global Reputation
  • 7 days of Premium Time
  • 30 days of Premium Time

Please note that these changes will be applied to crates you receive before the launch of Update 0.19 – for example, receiving a Platinum Crate now but opening it after the launch of Update 0.19 launch will result in the abovementioned rewards. As for Steel and Bronze Crates, they will stay in your inventory and their drop table will not change – we are still deciding what to do about them.

As for the future of the Loot system, we would like to add more ways to obtain Loot crates. In Update 0.19, the daily missions that were previously rewarded with Steel and Bronze Crates only will now be rewarded with Silver Loot Crates – but that's just a start. Update 0.19 is coming to the EU and NA servers on April 20 – stay tuned for more information.

We'll see you on the battlefield!

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