Base Compensation


After evaluating the pre-0.18 Base implementation and determining it was not meeting the goals set out for the feature, we decided to disable it. As a result, the Base feature is no longer available in Update 0.18's Garage 2.0.

We do, however, recognize that the Base was popular with a number of players who spent a lot of time developing their own Bases and collecting the necessary resources for their improvements while waiting for new Base buildings and mechanisms to appear.

To thank these players for their diligence, we have decided to issue a special round of extra rewards.


Between November 17 and November 18 2016, former Base owners will receive one of the following rewards:

  • All players who owned 1 to 1,000 Base Material points – 3 Platinum Insignias (Reputation) and 3 Platinum Insignias (Credits)
  • All players who owned 1,001 to 10,000 Base Material points – 1 day of Premium Time
  • All players who owned 10,001 or more Base Material points – 2 days of Premium Time

But that's not all. Every player will also receive 100 Credits for every 1 Base Material point owned at the point of Update 0.18 launch.

Please note that while all players will receive the Credit Material compensation, the Base Material reward categories are exclusive. Examples:

  • A player with 531 Base Material points will receive 3 Platinum Insignias (Reputation), 3 Platinum Insignias (Credits) and 53,100 Credits
  • A player with 12,963 Base Material points will receive 2 days of Premium Time and 1,296,300 Credits

As for the Base feature itself, it may return in the future, albeit in a different form.

We do hope you enjoy this reward and we'll see you on the battlefield!

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