Bonus Weekend - Testing Tier 8

It's been a long, winding road through the Early Access stage. To celebrate its ending in style, we are offering each Early Access participant a chance to test high tier vehicles in Armored Warfare!

On Saturday 19.9.2015 at 9:00 CEST (midnight PDT), players on the Early Access server will be awarded with all the tier 8 vehicles currently present in Armored Warfare and will earn ten times more reputation and credits than usual! The x10 bonus is active from Friday evening. Please note that a quick server restart is required at that time and if you are online, you have to restart your game. We hope that you will enjoy this opportunity to test these tanks - Tier 8 offers many different gameplay styles, some of which are represented by the following vehicles.

Leopard 2A5

This armored juggernaut will shrug off all but the most powerful shells. To survive the firestorm of enemy onslaught take more than just pretty looks and fancy guns - the Leopard 2A5 gets the job done. Quadratisch, praktisch, gut!



The XM8 light tank is suitable for the players who like speed and wide flanking maneuvers. Get around your opponents and destroy them from behind with your precision fire on the move!


M1128 Stryker

The Stryker is all about firepower - enjoy wrecking your opponents at long distances - and getting away with it!


All these as well as other vehicles will be at your disposal this weekend.

Thank you for helping us test Armored Warfare and see you on the battlefield!

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