“Bounty Hunt” Week

It’s that time again! Time for and Obsidian Entertainment developers, moderators and community managers to tremble in fear as they are mercilessly hunted down for the rewards on their heads. Enter the “Bounty Hunt” week!


From the 18th of July to the 22nd July 2016, we will be roaming the battlefields of Armored Warfare, looking to reward anyone who manages to defeat us during the following times:

  • EU server: 19:00 to 20:00 CEST
  • NA server: 4 PM to 5 PM PDT

Each day, we will be playing vehicles of different tier and each player who manages to destroy our vehicle will receive a prize depending on that day:

  • July 18th – Tier 3 (Reward: LAV-150 90)
  • July 19th – Tier 4 (Reward: BWP-1M Puma)
  • July 20th – Tier 5 (Reward: WZ-1224)
  • July 21st – Tier 6 (Reward: VFM 5)
  • July 22nd – Tier 7 (Reward: VFM 5 MERC)

A player who already has the respective premium vehicle in his garage will receive 100% of its value in credits instead. Additionally, on the last day, the owners of VFM 5 MERC, who manage to destroy one of us, will be given a choice between the VFM 5 and 100% of VFM 5 MERC’s value.

Priority Target

Each day, one or Obsidian Entertainment player per server will be the "Priority Target" - destroying his or her vehicle in battle will be rewarded by a special prize - the XM1 FSED Tier 7 Premium MBT! Priority Targets will be announced for each day on Armored Warfare Social Media channels:

Stream (Monday to Friday) and Obsidian Entertainment (Tuesday) will be streaming while playing every day during the event hours on the official Twitch channel!


The rules of the “Bounty Hunt” week are very simple:

  • All participating Obsidian Entertainment players will be a part of [OEI] battalion, all participating players will be a part [Mycom] battalion
  • Obsidian Entertainment and players will identify themselves at the beginning of each battle by saying “There’s a bounty on my head, destroy me to get a reward!”
  • Team-Killing will not win you a prize, unless you count a ban and contest disqualification!
  • You can win as many times as you are able to! However, the second (and any following) win will always be the alternative prize (50% of daily reward vehicle value in credits)
  • You don’t need to make a note of who you destroyed (although it doesn’t hurt); we’ll keep track
  • The prizes will not be distributed immediately, but at the end of the event

We look forward to seeing you on the battlefield!

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