Catch Bugs, Win Prizes: Results


Before the launch of the Update 0.31 PTS, we have announced a contest, in which you could obtain the K21 Tier 8 Premium AFV for reporting bugs, and, today, we are happy to let you know the results!


Many of you have reported bugs that we identified based on your reports and, of course, fixed. It's been a difficult process to identify the most useful reports – after all, all your reports are useful. However, these three players stand out and helped us identify the largest number of issues during the testing:

  • kwarkie
  • Qbicle
  • Ariana

They will receive their K21 in the near future. As to the rest of you who contributed to make Armored Warfare a better game, once again, thank you for your reports and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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