Celebrating Polish Constitution Day


Today, on the 3rd of May, 2016, Polish players are celebrating their Constitution Day, in remembrance of the 1791 Constitution declaration, one of the most important events in Polish history. The 1791 Constitution was the first modern written constitution in Europe and only the second in the world (after the American one), and although it was only in force for less than 19 months, its impact on Polish culture, history and the national identity itself was tremendous.


We would therefore like to take this opportunity to present all Armored Warfare players with a small gift. From the 3rd of May (after the end of Update 0.15 maintenance) until the 4th of May (11:59 AM CEST, 02:59 AM PDT):

  • Players will receive a 100% Reputation income bonus for all battles
  • The Polish flag decal can be purchased with 90% discount

Last year, we unveiled some of the Polish vehicles coming to Armored Warfare. We are pleased to announce that a line comprised primarily of Polish vehicles will appear in a future update. One of the yet unannounced vehicles that will appear in this line is the KTO Rosomak wheeled AFV.

Upcoming Polish Armor

The KTO Rosomak is a Polish variant of the Finnish Patria AMV multi-role vehicle. Its designation “KTO” stands for “Kołowy Transporter Opancerzony “ (Wheeled Armored Vehicle in Polish) while the name “Rosomak” means “Wolverine”.


KTO Rosomak

The Rosomak was selected as the future Polish wheeled armored fighting vehicle after the 2002 tender for the delivery of 690 vehicles to replace the old BWP-1 and OT-64 APCs, defeating both Steyr’s Pandur II and MOWAG’s Piranha IIIC. The name for the vehicle was selected after a poll in the “Nowa Technika Wojskowa” military magazine.

One of the reasons the Patria AMV platform was selected was its modular design and high customizability. This allows potential customers to select whatever configuration they prefer. In the Rosomak case, the Polish military opted to have the vehicle equipped with an Italian Hitfist-30P two-man turret made by OTO-Melara.

The contract for the Patria was closed specifically with licensed production in Poland in mind – the majority of the vehicles were to be produced in Poland in order to maximize the positive effect on the Polish economy. The vehicle assembly plant operated by Wojskowe Zakłady Mechaniczne Company was opened in Siemianowice Śląskie, while the turret production and assembly was undertaken by Bumar-Łabędy in Gliwice. An order of 690 vehicles was delivered between 2002 and 2013. In 2013, the license agreement between Patria and Wojskowe Zakłady Mechaniczne for the Rosomak production was renewed for 10 more years, with the Ministry of Defense planning to purchase several hundred more Rosomak AFV’s before the 31st of December, 2023.


Uparmored KTO Rosomak in Afghanistan

Armored Warfare will feature two separate Rosomak vehicles – the basic KTO Rosomak version and the improved Rosomak-M1M version equipped with additional armor for its service in Afghanistan. Both variants will be armed with the 30mm ATK Mk.44 automatic cannon and Spike guided missile launchers. Fast, agile and packing a powerful punch, the Rosomaks will certainly make deadly opponents for anything they encounter in Armored Warfare.

We do hope you enjoyed this short preview and we will see you on the battlefield!

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