Celebrating Valentine’s Day


On February 14, the world is celebrating St. Valentine’s Day. Now's the right time to profess your undying love of tanks and everything armored! We’ve prepared a number of bonuses and gifts that will hopefully stoke the flames of your desire... to blow something up!


This time, you’ll have the opportunity to earn a prize by winning 14 matches in PvE and 2 matches in PvP using any vehicle you like between February 14 and February 16, 2024 (21:59 CET/23:59 MSK).

The prize consists of:

  • Heartbreaker camouflage
  • Love skin for Wilk XC-8 Tier 10 Tank Destroyer

Please note that if you have the camouflage or the skin already, there is no compensation, which means this event is for those who do not have them yet. The prizes will be distributed after the end of the event.

See you on the battlefield!

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