Community Interview: RDDT

In this Community Interview issue, we have interviewed the RDDT battalion, one of the prominent battalions of the North-American server!


When did you create your battalion and who founded it?

I believe Gottfried headed up the AW front. As far as I remember he was an early adopter to the game but after a certain other game took too much out of his time and energy he decided to just take a break from tank games for a while.

How did you get your name?

RDDT stands for Reddit, the popular website. It is just an organizing station for people of many like interests. RDDT and the RDDTA and then the low tier and new to the game guys can go to RDDTC which has a dedicated leader ready to share any knowledge he has or just help people grind up their tanks.

Who is your leader and how does your ranking system work?

Appyrose is the leader, she inherited it from Gottfried for being always here and always motivated. As far as a ranking system, there are a few of us with abilities to make decisions and we mostly treat this like a family. We have a lot of military vets from all of the different branches of service. A good amount of friendly ribbing happens on the teamspeak server. There are about 5 of us who have control of the day to day functions but Appyrose is the end all. We have the system set up for when the new game mode and for the time being I handle many smaller things for Appy.

How many players are in your battalion?

RDDT has 98 in the battalion. RDDTA is sitting around 30 but the people keep coming, and we invite people to come talk to us to see if they like the environment and if we would be a good fit for some tank killin' action. We're mostly friendly, but I hear that guy terminal3 is a jerk.

There are no Battalion Wars in Armored Warfare yet, what do you focus your activities on at the moment?

We are salivating for Battalion Wars and the new game mode of organized play we have heard about. We love doing PVE to grind up our tanks but we really want to do PVP. Sometimes the server population on NA is extremely low so we just grind tanks and host bi-weekly PVP sync drops. That is where everyone is welcome to join us on our teamspeak and count down 3, 2, 1, Battle. It tends to fill battle MM quickly.

Will you take part in any future battalion-level content?

Expect us.

Armored Warfare has battalions and a mercenary storyline background, how do like it or relate to it?

Besides the fact that some of the characters sound like they have a mouth full of marbles when they are telling me to move for another objective I like PVE. I am actually curious what direction the PVE will go or how much they will flesh out an actual storyline. Appyrose would be more suited to answer this.

Are you recruiting and if so, what are the requirements?

RDDT is currently full but is recruiting. RDDTA is considered our sister Battalion with no distinction between either beyond the fact that we can only put 100 people in one Battalion. Come join RDDTA and play will all of us, or come join RDDTC if you don't have two tier 7 tanks. RDDT and RDDTA are asking for people with two tier 7 tanks just so it is easier to find people of higher tiers to play with.

How can the applicants get in touch with you?

Contact us on Teamspeak "". Our channels are all the way at the bottom of the TS list. Join the AW brigade lobby and say hi. Even if you don't want to join you are more than welcome to come in for sync drops on WED and FRI around 9pm eastern.

Did you have any special moments/experiences in Armored Warfare?

The moment my long time gaming buddy Sudros bought me a Founders pack so I could play the game in Alpha. Love that guy, I was broke he hooked it up

What are you offering to your members?

  1. Sync drops
  2. Ridiculous and warm hearted people to laugh with and enjoy the game
  3. Organized competative gameplay when the mode is ready to go live, our primary focus will always be killing the rest of you

Final question: what message do you want to get to other Armored Warfare players and battalions?

Our Swingfire missles will block out the sun. All joking aside, any other Battalions or individuals that are interested come get in contact with us or just sync in during Fridays and Wednesdays around 8-9pm eastern. Let us all fill the MM!

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