Contest: Promote your Battalion!


One of the most important features of the upcoming second part of the Arabian Nights season is the addition of a 10 versus 10 Battalion PvP mode, in which the best Battalions clash for honor, Credits and, subsequently, the ownership of one of the rarest vehicles in the game – the Armata 152 Hades Tier 10 Premium MBT. Naturally, to succeed in such a competitive environment, your Battalion has to have the best warriors on the battlefield and that’s where our newest contest comes in.


We are inviting you to create the best battalion promotion and recruitment poster and submit it to our dedicated Discord chat until April 12, 2019.

The best submissions will be published on the Armored Warfare web-site along with the names of the Battalions and the Top 3 winners (as per the decision of staff) will receive the following prizes:

First Place

  • Artist: Tier 9 or Tier 10 Premium vehicle of the winner’s choice (excluding the Object 640 Black Eagle in the Black Eagle camouflage)
  • Entire Battalion: 7 days of Premium Time

Second Place

  • Artist: Tier 7 or Tier 8 Premium vehicle of the winner’s choice
  • Entire Battalion: 5 days of Premium Time

Third Place

  • Artist: Tier 5 or Tier 6 Premium vehicle of the winner’s choice
  • Entire Battalion: 3 days of Premium Time

Please pay attention to the following rules:

  • This contest ends on April 12, 2019, at 23:59 CET
  • Only one submission per player is allowed
  • Multiple players from one Battalion can submit their creations but only one player per Battalion will be declared a winner (the same Battalion cannot take two or all three places regardless of the quality of its members’ submissions)
  • The submissions must not use any parts or assets protected by copyright – Armored Warfare assets are allowed
  • The required format is a PNG or JPEG file of at least 1080 pixel width
  • The submission must not be in breach of Armored Warfare Terms of Service and of the Armored Warfare Discord rules. Offensive and otherwise unacceptable submissions will be disqualified
  • members of staff reserve the right to refuse any submission based on their discretion

We hope that you will enjoy the contest and will see you on the battlefield!

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