DCOT PvE Tournament Results


The DCOT PvE Tournament is over and it’s time to announce the results!


These are the best teams of the tournament:

  • First place: DudS-The-Five-Monkeys with 29979 points (wins Marder 2 for the entire team)
  • Second place: Brigade Glattrohr with 29486 points (wins Sabra for the entire team)
  • Third place: Knallgas with 28771 points (wins MTLB S-8 for the entire team)
  • Fourth place: [ZH] Team Alpha with 28242 points (wins the DCOT decal)
  • Fifth place: UNAF with 28216 points (wins the DCOT decal)

For any additional questions, please contact DCOT on Discord by sending a private message to Dayan78#4878.

See you next time!

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