Developer Diary: EBRC Jaguar Suspension


As you know, the EBRC Jaguar AFV will be an overprogression prize of the Eclipse Battle Path (due to launch soon). Today we’d like to tell you more about its status and some of the aspects of its development.


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In our last article about the vehicle, we’ve mentioned its concept – it’s essentially a counterpart to the progression Tier 10 Sphinx AFV with some specific traits like 40mm PELE ammunition for its autocannon, which makes the vehicle quite deadly, especially in PvE. We’re pleased to say the vehicle now plays just as advertised. But in game development, there are always some catches.

One of the first requests from you after the publication of the article was an active suspension and we started developing it for the vehicle immediately. After all, we do want to listen to your feedback. Unfortunately, even after several months of development, the task is not complete as we ran into some issues causing the suspension to often behave strangely and erratically.


Jaguar in the service of Perihelion

As a result, the vehicle will be released without its active suspension, the way it was previously announced. This changes its gameplay a bit as its ATGMs are a bit more difficult to aim without the ability to tilt the vehicle forward and will be usable at mid-to-long range only. We will adjust the gun and ATGM performance to compensate for this handicap and will continue to develop the suspension model for future introduction (although, admittedly, we aren’t sure yet what’s causing the issues so promising anything would be irresponsible).

We hope that you’ll enjoy the vehicle nonetheless and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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