Developer Diary: Loot System Evolution


Introduced in Update 0.16, the Loot System has been around since mid-2016, forming an inseparable part of the game economy with many ways of obtaining the Armored Warfare Loot Crates, including:

  • Performance in battles
  • Challenges
  • Game events
  • Special Operations

Starting from Update 0.19, in response to much of your feedback as well as our own investigations, we’ve prepared a number of changes to the Loot System in Armored Warfare by removing the Bronze and Steel Loot Crates from the loot drop tables. These crates were often judged as having low value and with their high drop rate they were treated as “spam” – the existing Bronze and Steel Loot Crates remain in player inventory and can be opened at any time (their contents were not changed and will not change).


In Updates 0.22 and 0.23, we’ve been gradually updating it and experimenting with changes to the whole mechanism with the goal of improving the entire experience and the way it benefits players, which included:

  • Further improvements to the content of high-end Loot Crates
  • Introduction of the 10% chance for a higher Loot Crate drop from lower Loot Crate bundles

Our goal was to make the whole Loot system more interesting for players – each Loot Crate drop should be a cause for celebrations as opening them can result in some extremely interesting gifts.

To that end, we’ve adjusted the Loot Crate drop system. Previously, crates were dropping based on being within a certain percentage of top players. For example, receiving a Platinum Loot Crate required being in the Top 0.1% for Reputation per Server per tier and per mode. Newly, crate drops are based on specific thresholds for each mode and tier.

These manually selected requirements are based on raw Reputation (no modifiers such as boosters or Premium Time are taken into account) and are based on statistical results for each mode. We are carefully monitoring the changes each update brings and are changing the threshold accordingly.

We’ve also somewhat adjusted the Loot Crate content for the top Loot Crates with, for example, Platinum Loot Crate now dropping more insignia tokens than before. Overall, players should find the contents of all three top Loot Crates more enticing.

Apart from adjusting the existing system, we are also adding exciting new features to it – special Loot Crates. Very simply put, in the future, apart from standard Loot Crates that will be available under the abovementioned conditions, players will also have the opportunity to obtain special Loot Crates by completing certain tasks in the game.

These special Loot Crates will offer tokens that, when activated, will award players with cool stuff such as:

  • Items normally found in Loot Crates such as Boosters, Premium Time or Insignia
  • Camouflages
  • Decals
  • Premium Vehicles

These changes will definitely make the system more enticing and represent a foundation that can be built upon in the future.

We hope that you will like them and will see you on the battlefield!

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