Developer Mini Q&A

Find out about the future of Armored Warfare from Obsidian Entertainment developers who answered some community questions in a short Q&A session.


  • Developers are working on making enemy factions in Armored Warfare more distinctive, which includes visual components (special camouflage or decals)
  • There are currently no plans to introduce special (improvised) vehicle customization elements for players or AI opponents (such as welded cages, extra applique armor etc.)
  • Developers would like to give the AI opponents the ability fire ATGMs and use smoke grenades but there is currently no ETA available for these features because they are preparing the AI opponents for new content (unannounced for now)
  • Developers are currently working on a new, experimental mode that will be different from the content currently in the game
  • The reason why some environmental objects in Armored Warfare look like new without war-related details such as holes or damage is game performance - every small detail like that reduces the performance of the game and the developers have to always keep that aspect in mind. However, the developers are planning to introduce maps based on locations destroyed by war - one such map is currently in development
  • The option to remove certain environmental objects such as planes flying around will not be implemented but the developers have other ideas to introduce in order to further increase the game performance
  • Developers would like to introduce a feature where dead players, observers in custom matches and players watching replays can see exactly what the player they are observing sees (sniper mode etc.)
  • There are currently no plans to allow players to showcase their owned vehicles around the Base
  • The Replay system files coming in Update 0.14 can be shared between players directly or uploaded somewhere. The developers are considering having the game upload the replays to Armored Warfare server for all players to see but there is currently no ETA available on this feature
  • New updates will not increase the minimal hardware requirements of Armored Warfare, at least not for several years. Such a step will be considered only when statistics show that the playerbase PCs allow it

That's it for today, see you on the battlefield!

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