Developer Q&A: March 12, 2021


Once again, we collected your questions and passed them directly to the team.


Here are the responses directly from the developers of Armored Warfare:

The T-72 Ural MBT is for some reason on the same Tier as its real-life successor, the T-72A, despite having inferior characteristics both in real life and in the game. Are you planning to address that?

Yes, in the future – we already overhauled the higher Tiers and are currently planning an overhaul of the lower ones. As for details, we don’t have anything to share yet.

Commander Ophelia Kitescu can deploy a shield when you die and this shield can withstand even a hit from a 152mm shell despite being nominally weaker. Is that intended?

Yes. The shield collapses when its hitpoints run out, or when it expires after a few seconds. If a single shot deals more damage than the shield can withstand, all the excessive damage is canceled and the tank is left alive with one hitpoint. If you want to make sure your shell does not get “eaten” by the shield, please wait a couple of seconds for it to expire.

Will you remove Ophelia Kitescu from the game?


Is there a difference spotting-wise between vehicles with panoramic sights and those that don’t have them?

No. All behave the same.

By how much does RST-V Shadow reduce enemy viewrange with its special ability?

By 10 percent. We’ll add it to its tooltip.

You are introducing more Special Operations maps to the game. When will we get a new standard PvE mission?

The second half of this year.

That’s it for today, commanders. Do you have any questions for the developers? Don’t hesitate to leave them on Discord and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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