Developer Q&A - Session 4

Welcome to the newest Q&A Session where developers are answering questions posed by players.


Will the Skirmish mode count towards official player statistics?


Are you planning to introduce a player statistics reset as part of Balance 2.0? After all, the changes to vehicles are substantial.

Possibly. It's something that we are still considering.

I noticed that in Balance 2.0, reconnaissance vehicles have only slightly better viewing range than MBTs. Will this be changed or will we have to deal with this by using retrofits?

In Balance 2.0, scouts (AFVs and some Light Tanks) can effectively spot the enemy by positioning themselves ahead of the main force without being spotted thanks to their high camouflage factors. Additionally, their basic viewrange is higher than that of the other vehicles and is further enhanced far more than on other vehicle classes by unlocking upgraded modules, equipping specialized retrofits and using certain Crew and Commander skills. We are also planning to give the Reconnaissance Package module, available to certain scout vehicles such as the SPHINX, the ability to remove the vehicle detection delay (the detection warning will trigger instantly, not with a delay), which is also something that will help scouts considerably.

Any improvements planned for the Battalion interface? For example, special permissions etc.

Such improvements are not planned for the near future but we will certainly deal with this in time.

Can you introduce additional PvE challenge such as the Extreme mode?

We do have plans for further PvE development that we'll unveil in the future.

Before Update 0.19, you said that wheeled vehicles would lose their mobility with the destruction of three wheels but in Update 0.19 it happens with the loss of one wheel. Is that a bug?

The vehicle becomes immobilized with the destruction of three wheels. When one wheel is destroyed, the vehicle is slowed down moderately. The loss of two wheels slows the vehicle considerably. We may review this mechanism in the future, for example by introducing modules reducing wheel loss movement penalties.

How exactly does Minimum Accuracy (the largest size of the aim circle) work in Update 0.19?

In Update 0.19, Minimum Accuracy is the size to which the aim circle expands based on whether the tank is moving, shooting or traversing the turret. As an example, let's say a tank has an accuracy value of 0.1 when static and 0.5 when moving. If the tank is just standing on the spot and doing nothing, its accuracy is 0.1. When the tank starts moving, its accuracy will be gradually (depending on movement speed) reduced to 0.5 and will stay that way for as long as the tank is moving. If the tank fires while moving and moves its turret, the accuracy may even drop below 0.5 but after that it will gradually improve to 0.5.

In other words, Minimum Accuracy represents the ability of the gunner and the vehicle optics to compensate for the factors that negatively influence the vehicle's accuracy up to a certain threshold. The various ways of improving Minimum Accuracy (for example Commander skills) are currently represented rather poorly by the game's User Interface – in some cases, it's possible for the aim circle the player sees as part of his battle screen to be smaller than the circle the server is working with when calculating accuracy (commonly known as the server aim circle). This is something we are planning to improve.

Will you introduce a two-layer vehicle carousel to the garage?

That is not planned for now. We might introduce this feature if there is enough player interest.

In Balance 2.0, the BMPT is suffering from low ammunition count and runs out of missiles very soon. Do you have any plans to improve that?

In the near future, the BMPT will receive a mobility buff along with a few more improvements. As for the ammunition issue – some vehicles are intended to have powerful ATGMs (especially when firing in salvos) at the expense of the ammunition carried. After all the amount of missiles carried is limited in real life as well. As a result, the vehicle requires careful consideration from the player – yes, you have a powerful weapon at your disposal but its uses are limited.

Are you planning to revisit the armor decay mechanism?

During internal testing, the main issue with this mechanism was the fact that it was incomprehensible to the average player – both for the shooter ("how many times am I supposed to shoot this part to penetrate?") and for the target ("why was my armor penetrated?"). Even the much simpler and better visually represented ERA armor causes these issues sometimes. In other words, before we can even consider introducing this mechanism, we need to overhaul the interface so that players can clearly see and understand the shell impact and the effect it has. We'll work on that in the future.

That’s it for today, we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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