Developer Q&A: Special Edition 2

Developers from Obsidian Entertainment and Mail.Ru answered another set of questions about the future development of the game. Find out what the developers have in store!

Territory Wars and Battalion Activities

  • Top clans will be given the opportunity to provide feedback and actively participate in the new Territory Wars competitive mode development
  • Territory Wars will be small battalion friendly: they will be separated into leagues and seasons. Smaller battalions will be able to participate in lower tier leagues corresponding to their strength, while strong battalions will battle each other for supremacy on the most lucrative territories
  • There are also plans for tournament type events, but not in the immediate future
  • A mercenary system (where independent players would be paid to play for a certain battalion in battalion-level events such as Territory Wars) is not planned for now. Although this is a possibility for the distant future
  • Out-of-game chat is planned as part of the web-API system (accessing the ingame chat via the portal is planned for the distant future). Web-API will also include social elements
  • Whether or not to implement voice-chat is still under consideration
  • There will be a battalion base game mode in which battalions will be able to build their own base and fight other battalions over it – but not at first. It will not be included in the first version of Territory Wars
  • There are no current plans for exclusive Territory Wars reward tanks


Game Mechanisms

  • Current retrofit modules in the game will be further rebalanced based on testing results
  • Coastal Threat map will return once it is properly rebalanced
  • HESH shells are already in the game. They differ from other shell types by having smaller penetration and damage values but in return they can cause significant internal damage (knocking out internal modules and wounding crew members) even if their damage is mitigated by thick armor
  • Current plans for vehicles are the following: the priority lies on tier 9-10 vehicles, but Obsidian is also developing a new dealer with Asian, East-European and Scandinavian vehicles
  • Developers continue to work on the matchmaking mechanism to improve its performance
  • In one of the upcoming Base mechanism updates, players will be able to produce short-term reputation or income boosts (for one or several matches). This mechanism will be available for everybody, although players will be able to buy more than one per day by converting raw materials for gold (gold user will simply be able to get more of them)
  • Obsidian developers are currently working on a major review of the collision model (armor) of all the vehicles to find and fix any problematic parts of armor
  • Regarding new game modes: the developers are planning to collect statistics on player behavior within matches and compile polls with new mode proposals based on those statistics, players will have the option to let the developers know what they want
  • There are plans to introduce a “karma system” in the future, where players will be able to thank other players for their excellent performance in battle (and vice versa, reports would reduce karma)
  • Ingame report system will be implemented relatively soon
  • Developers are considering retrofit modules that would add additional armor (for example anti-HEAT plates) for certain vehicles, but such improvements will generally only appear as regular upgrade modules
  • Skill does and will count when balancing the teams
  • Training rooms will be implemented within a month or two
  • There are plans for an Individual Mission system where players collect certain points for completing missions and exchange them for rewards of their choosing
  • Veteran marks (special tank decals for excellent players) are planned for the future
  • Graphic representation of retrofits on the tanks is planned for the distant future
  • Together with the standard tutorial (that can be accessed in patch 0.8), Armored Warfare is planning to introduce special tutorials for scouts and for artillery


Miscellaneous and Bugs

  • Armored Warfare will be tested on and optimized for Windows 10
  • There are plans to give Early Access participants a gift: the tier 2 Object 155 medium tank
  • The bug where players cannot invite more than 20 players to a battalion (despite the official maximum of 100) will be fixed
  • The infamous Ariete aiming bug will be fixed
  • Currently there are no plans to remove the “stacking” of the same boosts from different retrofit modules. The developers do respect the wishes of players to specialize in one particular area (such as, for example, reload time bonuses). If some of these stacks are deemed too overpowered, it’s possible some sort of stacking penalty will be introduced but this depends on the collected statistics
  • The loss of tank speed when colliding with destructible objects is solved ad-hoc on various maps


That's it for today - more info about development and upcoming features will come soon. See you on the battlefield!

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