Developer Questions & Answers 11

Our next set of answers from the development team is in - learn about the development of the game in this round of questions and answers!

Question: Is the normalization retrofit (Advanced MRS) working?
Answer: Yes. In Update 0.11, the retrofit was changed to provide a fixed bonus to the normalization value. Please note that normalization is only active for kinetic (AP) shells.

Question: Are there any plans for "special" full 5 person PVE platoon scenarios?
Answer: Yes, such missions will appear as PvE endgame content. They will be quite difficult and coordination of the entire team will be essential.


Question: When is AW going to join ESL?
Answer: The game is not yet ready to be promoted in e-sports, but that is something we are eager to work toward.

Question: Are you going to implement more UI options like different crosshair options and colors?
Answer: Absolutely. Current UI development is focused on the garage – after that it will be battle UI’s turn.

Question: What about the shot delay mechanics?
Answer: We are currently investigating the problem from another angle – it’s possible that the issue stems from server settings. We will keep you informed.

Question: Is the IS-7 Heavy Tank considered to be added to Armored Warfare?
Answer: Yes, as a premium vehicle.

Question: Are there any plans to create more challenging AI? Currently, the AI pretty much just drives towards the objective, and regardless of difficulty level, at high tiers it’s pretty much shooting fish in a barrel. And what about the PvE credit situation?
Answer: On “Hard” difficulty, Mission results are far from guaranteed due to a number of tweaks we have made to the system. In 0.12, PvE becomes even more difficult with the added spawn randomization and the “Insane” difficulty will return in the future. On the other hand, adjustments were and will be made to AI behavior to better reflect the behavior of players (no more snapshots without any reaction time). To reflect these changes, we are currently reviewing the PvE credit income rate. Our general position has not changed – once the challenge level of PvE reaches that of PvP battles, we can introduce comparable rewards.


Question: Will Tier 10 vehicles have unlockable modules?
Answer: It’s entirely possible. For example the Armata might appear with an alternative gun.

Question: What are your internal testing results with upcoming maps/revisions to current maps? What was your goal with the new maps/revisions?
Answer: Map revision has two goals. The first is to improve map performance for the majority of users. To that end the maps are continuously being optimized so players do not suffer from performance losses. The second goal is to introduce improved balance to the maps. Ideally, both sides on a map should have the same winrate – the developers are always on the lookout for such discrepancies and are introducing corrections to the maps based on statistics. The goal for new maps is to introduce battlefields allowing players to experience dynamic, balanced gameplay.

Question: How is the penetration of tandem warheads modeled in this game, specifically against ERA and composite armor?
Answer: Regular missiles impacting on ERA armor are completely negated (their armor penetration is reduced to 0). Tandem missiles’ penetration is instead reduced by a certain modifier, for example to 80 percent of the regular penetration.

Question: How many new PVP maps can we expect over the next 12 months?
Answer: We do not want to disclose such long-term plans. We are however working on two large PvP maps (1.4 x 1.4 kilometers) right now.

Question: Will new tank lines (3-10) be introduced to current dealers or will we need to wait for the third dealer to get new regular vehicles?
Answer: It’s possible that some of the existing dealer lines will be split and new vehicles will be added in order to make two full lines instead of just one.

Question: Will we see maps larger than the Reactor map?
Answer: Larger maps are not scheduled at the moment, we are, however, continuing to experiment with different map sizes internally. It's possible we will eventually see maps larger than 1400 x 1400.

Question: Will end-game vehicles be balanced with their Territory Wars (Battalion versus Battalion mode) in mind?
Answer: No, vehicles will always be balanced around Random PvP battles.


Question: Will we see different objectives or game modes in PvP?
Answer: We are currently exploring options for introducing different matches with different mechanics into the existing PVP queue. In order for this to be successful, we need to make sure that any new match mode provides roughly the same rewards for participation and runs about the same length as the existing match modes.

Question: Will you ever allow players to select the maps they want to queue for?
Answer: This is not planned – such a function would make it impossible for the matchmaker to work properly.

Question: Also what about the PTS server? I know the server populations are low and pulling people off to play PTS could cause issues, but it would be nice if some more stuff got tested a bit more before being released.
Answer: European and North American PTS will come in the future, but there is currently no estimate as to when.

Question: Which dealer will South-Korean and Israeli tanks appear in?
Answer: Fourth dealer. Please bear in mind, however, that the separation of vehicles into dealers is largely cosmetic – being a part of the fourth dealer’s pool does not mean the vehicles will appear only when the third dealer’s pool is entirely filled.

Question: Why does the tier 4 TD Zhalo-S Merc. have a higher camouflage rate than the tier 8 M1128 Stryker? Both are of the same size.
Answer: Camouflage factor is purely a game balancing parameter.

Question: What happened to the T-10M that was seen 8 months ago in a video?
Answer: It’s still in plans, but we cannot share any details at this moment.


Question: Can you add an internal MP3 player for those users who want to listen to their own music without running third party software?
Answer: That’s a cool function! Once we finish focusing on the critical game issues, we’ll take a look at it.

Question: Will there be a way to visually distinguish "battle hardened" vehicles?
Answer: No, it will be completely up to players to make any visual customizations when the camouflage system is introduced, for example. We do feel that making such vehicles look distinctive would make them a target for griefers.

Question: What are the plans to introduce nuances to tank armors? More armor zones to be specific, like World of Tanks has.
Answer: The armor of the high tier tanks, especially, is actually very detailed, in some instances more so than in other tank games. That being said, an excessive level of detail is not always a good thing – the more detailed the armor is, the more unpredictable the results (strange bounces, caused by hitting an oddly shaped area for example) it produces.

Question: When you balance tanks, do you also consider how commanders and retrofits influence them?
Answer: Of course, everything is considered. For example, we specifically consider whether a tank has a loader or an automatic loading mechanism when we balance the other tank parameters.

Question: When can we expect to be able to add our own battalion logos?
Answer: This is not planned for now, not until a well-developed control system is in place.

Question: Will tanks without a loader be able to choose loader skills?
Answer: They already can – IF the loader is human (the gunner is the loader). Automatic loader vehicles cannot choose loader skills as that handicap is already compensated by an increase of other characteristics.

Question: Will destroying tracks (“tracking”) be rewarded by bonus reputation or credits?
Answer: Yes, that’s planned. Currently, you are awarded 'Assist Damage' for tracking someone, but the tracking itself is not directly rewarded.

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