In Development: Griffin 50mm


In our previous article, we’ve talked about the history of the Griffin program and mentioned that one or more vehicles from it would appear in the game. And, surely enough, you already had the chance to test the first of these during the Update 0.30 PTS – the Griffin 50mm. This is an IFV variant of the Griffin, armed – as its name suggests – with a powerful 50mm cannon. Let us take a closer look at it.


In Armored Warfare, the Griffin 50mm will be a Tier 8 progression Armored Fighting Vehicle and a heavy one at that. Weighing 40 tons, it will be powered by an 800hp engine, giving it the maximum speed of 70 km/h and the agility equal to another heavy Tier 8 AFV, Marder 2.

Actually, there’s a lot the Griffin and Marder 2 AFVs have in common – you can imagine the Griffin as a progression counterpart to the Premium Marder 2 (and vice versa). Perhaps the most notable thing that connects them is the lack of ATGM armament.

Instead, the Griffin is armed with the abovementioned XM913 50mm autocannon that is capable of delivering tremendous punch thanks to its potent APFSDS ammunition. But that is just the beginning of its abilities because using a new, unique mechanism. Instead of a steady rate of fire the Marder has, this gun fires in extremely accurate rapid three round bursts. Each of the shells in the burst has higher penetration than the last one – this simulates the effect of compromised armor integrity when three APFSDS rounds hit exactly the same spot.

In other words, the vehicle operates as an “autocannon sniper” and foregoes the traditional rate of fire in favor of accuracy, which can be further enhanced by module unlocks. When stationary, all three shells are practically guaranteed to hit the same spot but the Griffin can decimate its targets even when moving, such is the precision of its Bushmaster gun. And last but not least, the gun also has excellent depression and elevation values (-15/+55), making it very easy to bring all that firepower to bear.


A proper sniper needs another thing to be effective – camouflage, and the Griffin has plenty to offer in this regard. Not only is its base camouflage value above average for its Tier and class, the Griffin features an active camouflage system, providing it constantly with the same bonus as if it was hidden behind a bush. Additionally, this bonus stacks with other foliage bonuses and makes the vehicle incredibly stealthy.

Being an AFV, the Griffin can, of course, also spot enemy targets and designate them for other players. The spotting ability is enhanced by a Thermal Imager (reducing the effectiveness of enemy attempts to hide behind bushes), but it is the designation ability where the Griffin truly shines. Unlike other AFVs, the Griffin can use its advanced electronics systems to designate every target within a certain range (150 meters) as long as it is stationary or moving very slowly. This ability can, however, be triggered only once per five minutes and lasts 25 seconds. It is therefore best used strategically.

Finally, there’s the matter of protection. Most Armored Fighting Vehicles in Armored Warfare do not feature thick armor and the Griffin is no exception, even if its frontal plating is thicker than that of most AFVs. Instead, it has to rely on stealth and mobility, even though it has at least enough hitpoints to withstand an impact or two as well as a hard-kill Iron Fist APS available.

In summation, what you have here is a very mobile autocannon sniper with the ability to penetrate unusually thick armor thanks to its special mechanics. It can creep up quite close to the enemy, courtesy of its camouflage systems, and designate them for its allies to light up, even though such tactics are inherently risky. It can also stay behind the front line as a designated marksman, peppering anything that’s not the thickest MBT frontal armor with precise bursts.


But that is still not all. During the American Dream season, the Griffin will receive another special ability that we are planning to unveil after the launch of the update.

We hope that you will enjoy this unusual vehicle and will see you on the battlefield!

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