In Development: M1A1 Storm and BMPT Mod.2017


Today, we are happy to introduce you to two high-Tier rewards of the upcoming Warlords of the Wasteland Battle Path campaign. Both of these vehicles are quite distinctive modifications of existing designs along with a connection to the Middle East.

M1A1 Storm

The M1A1 is an iconic version of the American Abrams and the first American service MBT to be armed with the famous 120mm L/44 NATO smoothbore gun from Germany, designated M256 in American service. This tank surely needs no introduction – it became the symbol of the Gulf War and it was this particular version that forged the legendary reputation of the Abrams series as the ultimate Soviet tank killers of the MBT world. You can read more about the Abrams series in our dedicated article.


Unlike many other vehicles of Armored Warfare, our Tier 7 M1A1 Storm isn’t based on an actual production model – instead, it is a customized mercenary vehicle, inspired by the Abrams look during the Desert Storm operation. Performance-wise, it will be on par with the progression version of the M1A1, with one exception – the MCBS mine plow. This vehicle comes with two massive dozer blades that work in the game like spaced armor, increasing the tank’s lower frontal plate protection.

But, ultimately, the biggest and the most important difference of this vehicle is its amazing appearance which we do hope you will enjoy!

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BMPT Model 2017

This Tier 8 Tank Destroyer is based on a real 2017 BMPT Terminator pattern seen in Syria in 2017, where it was deployed and allegedly tested by the Russian expeditionary force. It is also known as the Syrian pattern Terminator.


It is basically a combination of an older T-90-based BMPT hull and a newer combat module that was seen on the BMPT-72 with soft ERA attached to its sides (essentially fabric bags filled with explosive materiel) as well as some smaller upgrades.

Compared to the Tier 8 Ramka-99 progression TD, the BMPT Mod.2017 will be less maneuverable, but also better protected on its sides thanks to the presence of the soft ERA that will act as an additional first generation ERA kit on top of the standard BMPT protection. Gameplay-wise, the vehicle will be similar to its progression counterpart.

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We hope that you will enjoy these vehicles and will see you on the battlefield!

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