In Development: New Retrofits


As you know for a while now, the second part of the Arabian Nights season is bringing a whole host of new vehicles in a pool of a dedicated dealer along with a large number of unique features that include, for example, new Abilities, Achievements and Camouflages. Today, we’d like to tell you about one more feature this new dealer is bringing – new Retrofits.


The Retrofit system has been in Armored Warfare for a very long time. It allows you to customize the vehicles to match your preferred play style. In Update 0.28, we will be adding three new Retrofits that will be unlockable for Experience (or Reputation) from the newly introduced French vehicles. However, unlike other vehicle-specific upgrades, these Retrofits will be accessible to all vehicles in the game.

There will be three of them, two of which will be accessible at launch of the update and one will be added to Armored Warfare along with the second half of the branch later on. The Retrofits that will initially be available are:

Active Thermal Camera – this Technology Retrofit will be unlockable from the AMX-13 DCA Tier 5 AFV and will include a major bonus to the ability to spot enemy targets through foliage (bushes etc.) However, there is a trade-off. At the same time, this Retrofit will reduce any bonuses that provide extra protection against enemy Thermal Imager modules (such as the Armata’s Improved Cooling System). As such, this Retrofit will be extremely useful to active (mobile) spotters – those pesky campers that hide behind bushes all the time will no longer be able to avoid your gaze.

AI Targeting – this Firepower Retrofit will be unlockable from the AMX-40 Tier 5 MBT and will include a bonus to aiming time and overall accuracy. This makes it suitable for active players who are always on the move, especially those in Light Tanks and various light MBTs (such as the French ones) that rely on mobility more than their sheer armor.

The Retrofit that will be introduced later on will be:

Pressure Control – this Mobility Retrofit will be unlockable from the VCAC Mephisto Tier 8 TD and will include a major bonus to off-road acceleration. However, this Retrofit will only be available to wheeled vehicles. Once again, this Retrofit will be more suitable to the mobile gameplay style with light wheeled scouts benefiting from its presence the most.

We hope that you will enjoy these new vehicle customization options and will put them to good use.

See you on the battlefield!

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