In Development: PvE Mission “Wages of Sin”


We are fully aware that new regular PvE missions that appear in rotations are one of the most popular pieces of content, which is why we are working on a new one called Wages of Sin.


To those of you who are participating in the Perihelion event, the name might sound familiar – indeed, the mission is an in-game recreation of three of this event’s missions: Wages of Sin, Revelations and Spoils of War. The event features a lot of lore and a lengthy story that can be read here but, in summation:

You play the role of Samuel Thorpe, a mercenary tasked by a company called Perihelion to train its security force in an Arizona desert. One night, you are woken by one of the officers, Gail Espinoza and the sounds of gunfire in the night – a local U.S. Army base is under attack by a mysterious enemy!


Now, if you’ve read the Perihelion event’s story, you already know what happens next but the players who haven’t will be in for a surprise and, more importantly, a tough fight.

In this PvE mission, we are taking as much of your feedback into account as we can. No more immortal drones, enemies spawning right behind you, rooftop infantry, enemy mortars or broken Hunter AFVs killing your vehicles with a single shot. Instead, you’ll see plenty of action that returns to the roots of what makes Armored Warfare PvE fun.


The mission will take place in Arizona in the night but there’s no need to worry – we will not be using the infravision mechanics as they are not exactly popular. Some of its elements will seem familiar to you while others are brand new.

Since we are working on several new assets and other improvements for it, the mission will not be ready before summer. We wanted to let you know ahead of time that it’s coming (along with plenty of other content!) so that you have something to look forward to.


We definitely hope you’ll enjoy playing it as much as we are enjoying making new things for you and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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