In Development: Raid


During the Spirithaven announcement, we announced that there would be a special event taking place during the season. Today, we’d like to tell you more about it – we call it Raid.


The Raid event will last one month. To join the event, you’ll have to complete the fourth Spirithaven Special Operation on the Extreme difficulty or, failing that, it will also be possible to buy your way into it with 499 Gold.


Once you have the access to the event, as raiders, you’ll have a certain territory to conquer, starting from the middle. The territory is of rectangular shape and, in each corner, one of four main prizes awaits – a Samurai skin for the following vehicles: SPHINX, T-15 Armata, Al Hussein and Challenger 2.


Samurai Skins (Click to Open)




To get to them, you have to advance a path to each corner. To advance, you have to complete various randomized missions. You will have a choice between:

  • PvP missions
  • PvE missions
  • General missions (that require you to complete other Raid missions)

The requirements for each mission will be randomized as well – some may require you to play a certain vehicle class, specific Tiers or even vehicles from a specific dealer.


There are no timers in this event. You can complete as many missions as you like each day, although it’s worth noting that the missions do not change – to advance along the route you’ve chosen, you have to either complete the mission or choose a different path.

Alternatively, you have two other options that are available for Gold:

  • You can automatically complete a mission using one Raider Ticket
  • You can change the mission to a different one using one Reroll Ticket

These tickets also appear as rewards as you progress through the mission, so you might save one or two for a rainy day.

For each mission completed, the next step along the route will be a Reward Point, where you claim your reward for the mission. There will be many prizes available, including Boost tokens, Insignia, Premium Time, even Battle Coins for the Battle Path that is coming in the future.


These Reward Points are also a part of your path, so you need to choose their position carefully. Either way, you can unlock every single field on the map as long as you complete the missions.

Completing all Raid missions will unlock the ultimate reward – a Japanese-themed Torii camouflage for all vehicles (its appearance depends on your base paint).


Torii Camouflage (Click to Open)



We hope that you will enjoy this event along with the prizes and, as always:

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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