In Development: Rise of the Dragon Path


Today, we’d like to tell you more about the upcoming Rise of the Dragon Battle Path campaign as a whole along with the changes and improvements we’ve prepared for you.


Let’s start with the basics as usual. Once you acquire access to the campaign (the price remains the same), you’ll be earning Battle Coins and spending them on Battle Path progress. Battle Coins will be earned either by just playing or by completing missions.

Four mission sets along with repeatable daily Battle Coin Missions and Challenges will be available like the last time (there are no changes to the Missions or Challenges themselves). And, of course, the popular Battle Coin Shop feature will be making a re-appearance.

As you already probably know from our previous articles, the Rise of the Dragon Battle Path will be Chinese-themed and will represent a trip through China’s military history, starting from the 1930s and ending with the contemporary China and perhaps the near future. The main prizes are, in ascending order:

The prize concept will be a bit different this time around. Pretty much all the valuable prizes are now present in the standard Level progression. We have carefully analyzed your feedback and cut down on the prizes you don’t consider very valuable. You won’t see that many banners, titles or decals this time around, nor will we add a lot of Credits in the table. The five-stage avatar that occupied five prize slots is now also gone.


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Instead, you’ll see plenty of historical camouflages, real-life-based skins and other requested goodies. These will be obtainable roughly in chronological order, each batch representing a different era in China’s history:

Please visit these articles to see what exactly awaits you.

Now, let’s talk mechanics. Aside from the prize changes, the Rise of the Dragon Battle Path will reflect the previous campaign, Wars of the Past. The campaign is designed to last until December. The amount of levels is therefore still 60 with the same progression tweaks (costs, income) introduced in the previous Battle Path.


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The chain missions now give previously introduced Chinese camouflages as a reward. If you have them – lucky you, you’ll receive a hefty Battle Coin compensation instead! The Elite mission set will, aside from blueprints, contain a special paintjob for the Type 99A2 Tier 10 MBT called Moon Dragon.


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The Rise of the Dragon vehicles will not feature Overprogression modules, although the older Battle Path vehicles will still be possible to upgrade using the Workshop feature for the duration of this Battle Path.

The Battle Coin Shop will of course be also updated, this time with more Premium vehicles, including:

  • Wars of the Past Battle Path vehicles (excluding the T-15 Kinzhal as that vehicle needs to be looked at balance-wise)
  • Multiple Tier 10 Premium vehicles that haven’t appeared there yet
  • T-90A Burlak
  • TAM 2IP
  • SU-152 Taran
  • M60A3 SLEP
  • CV90120T Ghost
  • 2T Stalker
  • BVP M-80A

And a few more.

And that’s pretty much it. The Battle Path is currently planned to launch in August. If anything in this article caught your eye and you haven’t done so already, you can still purchase discounted access via MY.GAMES Market.


We hope that you’ll enjoy this Battle Path and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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