In Development: Tank Destroyer Changes


Just like for the Main Battle Tank class and the Armored Fighting Vehicle class, we have prepared a number of changes for the Tank Destroyer class for Update 0.22.


The biggest change will concern wheeled Tank Destroyers, the movement of which will be overhauled for better controls. The list of the Tank Destroyers to receive an overhaul includes but is not limited to:

  • Dragoon 90
  • ERC-90 F4
  • LAV-600
  • Stryker
  • Zhalo-S

Additionally, the role of the Tank Destroyers will be better defined in Update 0.22. They will no longer work as wheeled Light Tanks – their accuracy on the move and while steering will be considerably worse (especially steering will have major negative impact on accuracy). They will be, however, extremely accurate at high distances when not moving fast or performing wild maneuvers and will lose very little accuracy from traversing their turrets or fixed guns to allow them to effectively engage targets when static. You can read more about the Gun Stabilization changes in our dedicated article.

The Tank Destroyers that depend on the Ready Rack will also undergo some changes. This concerns specifically:

  • LAV-600
  • Centauro 105
  • Centauro 120 (and its Wolf variant)
  • AMX 10 RCR (and its Bastille variant)

Unlike now, the Ready Rack will be automatically be replenished every several seconds (differs for each vehicle). Should the Ready Rack be depleted, the reload time will be reduced to the time it takes to reload each shell to an empty ready rack (a period significantly longer than with the ready rack full). Please note that this change will also affect vehicles of other classes, equipped with a Ready Rack, including Light Tanks (such as the Stingray 1 and the Stingray 2) and Main Battle Tanks (Merkava IID, XM1A3 with 120mm cannon).

We hope that you will enjoy these changes and will see you on the battlefield!

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