Devstream 4 Q&A

Recently the fourth Developer Stream took place on the Armored Warfare Twitch channel. It focused on Update 0.15 and its recording can be viewed here.


During the stream, the developers answered a number of player questions. Here's what awaits Armored Warfare in the future!

  • The global mobility pass in Update 0.15 makes it harder to traverse an MBT if it's standing still
  • The developers are working on implementing high-tier Tank Destroyers
  • The high-tier premium Tank Destroyer will appear in Update 0.16
  • Some of the older PvE maps will be temporarily removed from rotation so they can be improved. One of the issues these smaller maps are facing is the PvE artillery and its short shell travel distance
  • The developers intend to increase the number of PvE maps in daily rotation
  • Additional individual rewards for completing secondary objectives will be added
  • Models such as the BMPT-72 will be updated so that players can see the ATGM launchers elevate and depress
  • The issue where AI opponents in PvE missions fire at players, even though their turrets are pointing in the opposite direction, will be fixed in the upcoming update
  • The developers are working on an even harder difficulty for the existing PvE mode (for organized groups)
  • A Tier 10 Tank Destroyer, based on the Stryker line, is coming soon
  • The developers are looking into the spotting damage mechanism for potential changes
  • High tier power creep is something the developers are aware of and working to get rid of
  • Platoons as a game element do have an impact on battle outcomes, but the influence they have on the statistics of other individual non-platooning players is fairly small and evens out in the long run
  • The shot delay issue is still being worked on; Obsidian has dedicated resources to root it out
  • The developers are satisfied with PvP maps in general, although some (such as Highwall) do have some issues that will be fixed. The maps in Armored Warfare provide a wide scale of experiences, not all of which players like. The developers are aware that some maps lead players too much (corridors) and will be looking into making both future and existing maps more open
  • A Loot system is due very soon and will provide more rewards for both PvP and PvE players
  • Easy Challenge rewards will be buffed in the near future and some will also be made easier
  • Wölfli and Shishkin tanks are close to being finished, but some vehicles will be added yet
  • The maximum platoon tier difference was reduced from 2 to 1 to improve the game experience for everyone, due to situations where Tier 6 vehicles, for example, were bringing Tier 4s to Tier 8 matches
  • Custom names for crewmembers may appear one day, but not anytime soon
  • The developers have some ideas about a Story mode, but single-player experience (campaign) is not currently planned. The developers do, however, have solid plans regarding the storyline in multiplayer modes
  • There will be a Faction system in the game, but it's still in the design phase
  • There are plans to rebalance all the Retrofits in general and the Mobility Retrofits will likely be adjusted to be more useful
  • The developers are exploring some options to increase the North American server population, including the use of Steam platform, but will also work to make entering low-tier battles easier
  • There are plans to introduce Iranian and French MBTs in the future
  • Some parts of the Rate of Fire Update 0.15 overhaul are unintended (specifically the Self-Propelled Gun reload time increases) and the developers will correct these issues in future updates

That's it for today. See you on the battlefield!

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