Early Access 2 Testing Extension

Dear players,

We have decided to extend the Early Access 2 phase to 28th of June, 2015 in order for you to help us test new content.

The testing will also involve one more 24 hour weekend test - from 26th of June to 28th of June you will be able to play non-stop. But that is not all!


To celebrate the successful finish of the Early Access 2 phase, we have prepared several special features for you!

  • On EU/NA servers you will be able to test the new upcoming feature: the Encounter map mode. In it, players will be fighting over one base - the winner has to capture it or destroy the entire opposing team! Five maps will be enabled for this mode. Please help us collect as much feedback on this mode as possible, we are eagerly awaiting your impressions from testing! You can post your feedback in the Early Access section of the forums.
  • The test server capacity will be increased and a certain number of players will receive free Early Access invites - follow the forums and social networks carefully to find out how to get your Early Access code!
  • Last but not least, during this weekend in order to test the high tier vehicles, players will be able to earn twice as much reputation and three times as many credits than usual!

We hope you will enjoy the changes. We will also be announcing the Early Access phase 3 soon so stay tuned and see you on the battlefield!

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