Guide: Boosting your Progress


Armored Warfare is a free to play game featuring faster progression than the other games of this genre. However, sometimes being just “fast” is not good enough, which is why there are a number of ways of getting that coveted Tier 10 vehicle or a fully trained commander faster! In today’s guide, we’re going to take a peek at the basics.

There are several progression enhancers available in the game, the effects of which often stack with each other. These are:

  • Premium Time
  • Boost tokens (also called Boosters)
  • Insignia tokens (also called simply Insignia)
  • Premium Vehicles

Let’s take a look at them, one by one.

Premium Time

Premium Time is perhaps the most important progression enhancer in the game. By obtaining it, you’ll earn:

  • 100% more Credits per battle
  • 50% more Experience per battle
  • Certain vehicle prerequisites will also progress 50% faster

For more information about Experience and Credits, visit our dedicated guide.


Premium Time can be obtained either by opening various Loot Crates (the items from them are stored in your Inventory), or by purchasing, primarily for Gold. To purchase Premium Time, please enter the Garage, click on the Premium Time button in the upper left corner of the screen and select one of six Premium Time bundles, available for Gold. Don’t have Gold? Check the end of this article for more info on how to obtain it.


Alternatively, Premium Time is occasionally available on the MY.GAMES Market. Check it out for the latest offers! Also be sure to check your Inventory screen (Premium Time tab) from time to time – you might find a surprise waiting for you there that you forgot about.

Boost Tokens

Boost tokens are the secondary progression enhancers that can be activated to provide a boost for limited time (typically 2 or 12 hours per token). In the upper left corner of your Garage, there are two booster slots – a regular one (where a Boost token can be used freely) and a Premium one (where a second Boost token can be used for a small amount of Gold). The effects of both slots stack.


Boost tokens can be obtained either for free for completing certain missions, opening Loot Crates, or can be purchased. There are two options to purchase them:

  • Open the inventory screen and click on the yellow Plus button to purchase a Platinum Battlefield Glory boost token
  • Purchase one of the discounted bundles on the MY.GAMES Market

Like it was mentioned above, these Boost tokens come in various types, each providing its own set of bonuses that do stack with Premium Time. The most typically encountered Boost tokens are:


Diamond Boost tokens that drop freely from Gold and Platinum Loot Crates (last 2 hours and boost XP, Reputation, Commander XP, Crew XP or Credits by relatively small amounts)


Gold Battlefield Glory Boost tokens, obtainable during special events or from sales bundles (last 12 hours), providing you with the following bonuses:

  • XP: +15%
  • Credits: +15%
  • Commander XP: +40%
  • Crew XP: +40%
  • Reputation: +40%


Platinum Battlefield Glory Boost tokens, obtainable during special events or from sales bundles (last 12 hours), providing you with the following bonuses:

  • XP: +25%
  • Credits: +25%
  • Commander XP: +50%
  • Crew XP: +50%
  • Reputation: +50%

Platinum Battlefield Glory Boost tokens can be purchased in the game for Gold via the Inventory screen.


Platinum AW Boost tokens (sometimes called Fame and Fortune boosters by players), obtainable during special events or from sales bundles (last 12 hours), providing you with the following bonuses:

  • XP: +50%
  • Credits: +50%
  • Commander XP: +50%
  • Crew XP: +50%
  • Dealer Prerequisites: +50%

Platinum AW Boost tokens are the most powerful tokens in the game.


Finally, Battle Coin Boost tokens are special Boost tokens, usable during active Battle Path campaigns only and only by those participating in them (with purchased access). For 2 hours, these boost Battle Coin income by 900% and can be obtained by playing the Battle Path itself, or, rarely, by purchasing.

Please note that both Boost token slots cannot be filled with the same token type. It’s therefore not possible to fill both slots with a Platinum AW Boost token, but it is possible to fill one with Platinum AW Boost token and the other with Platinum Battlefield Glory Boost token.

Insignia Tokens

Insignia tokens are much like boost tokens, but there are two specific differences:

  • Each Insignia token only ever boosts one aspect (Overall XP, Commander XP, Crew XP, Credits and Reputation)
  • Insignia tokens only last one battle

They use their own UI, accessible by clicking the Insignia bar to the left of your vehicle’s ammunition in your Garage. There are five slots that can be filled (see the categories listed above) and each slot comes in five quality types: Steel, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Platinum Insignia tokens are the strongest and can be purchased by left-clicking once on their icon (8 Gold each).


Please note that Insignia bonuses stack with both Premium Time bonuses and Boost token bonuses.

Premium Vehicles

Premium vehicles are special vehicles in the game that can be purchased either directly in the game for Gold, or on the MY.GAMES Market. Simply put, their primary purpose is to allow you to obtain Credits at much faster rate. Premium vehicles offer the following bonuses:

  • 100% more Credits per battle
  • 20% more Experience per battle

The Experience gathered on those vehicles can then be converted into Reputation (for Gold) and used on any standard (progression) vehicle in the game instead of normal Experience. This income bonus, of course, stacks with the Premium Time, Boost token and Insignia bonuses.

Additionally, Premium vehicles are also often quite strong by themselves (as much as their progression counterparts) and come with all modules unlocked – there’s no need to upgrade them!

Bonus Stacking

To achieve the maximum progression boost, you must be running Premium Time, Insignia and Boost tokens at the same time. For example, let’s say you have the following Credit income bonuses active:

  • Premium Time (100% Credit bonus)
  • Premium Vehicle (100% Credit bonus)
  • Regular boost slot: Platinum Battlefield Glory token (25% Credit bonus)
  • Premium boost slot: Platinum AW token (50% Credit bonus)
  • Insignia slot: Platinum Credit token (25% Credit bonus)

Your basic Credit income from battle will therefore be multiplied by (2x2x1.25x1.5x1.25) = 9.375

And that’s before any event bonuses that appear on regular basis. Smart management of your resources can therefore yield some incredible results!


And, last but not least, we’ve mentioned Gold a fair bit of times, so let us take a look at what it is and how to get your hands on it.

Gold is the Premium currency of Armored Warfare and is available primarily via the Top-Up page on the website as well as in the game. It can be used to:

  • Purchase Premium vehicles in the game and in our Web Shop
  • Purchase Premium Time
  • Purchase Battle-Hardened status
  • Purchase Boost tokens and Insignia
  • Purchase Battle Coins during an active Battle Path
  • Convert XP into Reputation

Additionally, it can be directly converted into Credits. Apart from buying it, one can obtain it from Platinum Loot Crates as well as by participating in various portal and social media events and contests that we are running on nearly permanent basis.

See you on the battlefield!

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