Help Test Armored Warfare!


As we are moving forward with testing of Armored Warfare, we’ve decided to add some more testing prior to the launch of CBT. If you want to be involved in this alpha test, please fill out this survey. Even if you weren't selected for the first focus test, we’ll be selecting additional users to take part in the next, larger, test.


Keep in mind that if you’ve already completed the survey, it’ll still be available to you, but your submission has already been collected, so you don’t need to complete it again. Approved applicants for testing will be informed prior to the begin of a testing phase.

We’d like to remind everyone that these pre-CBT tests are of alpha builds of Armored Warfare, and as such are still very much in development. Testing is open to everyone in the Community, and previous experience with tank games and experience in testing video games is helpful, although not exclusively what we’re looking for. Generally, we’re trying to get a broad cross-section of the user base involved and see how they like Armored Warfare!

PLEASE NOTE! Participation in these focus tests is subject to a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA), and as such everything you see is strictly confidential, and you are forbidden from discussing it, posting about it, or otherwise disemminating information about the tests to anyone. All participants will be required to agree to this Non-Disclosure Agreement if they wish to participate.

Participants in these focus tests will automatically be given access to the closed beta, and most likely to all other focus tests in the future (we can’t rule out some tiny test that we just can’t invite everyone we’ve given access to).

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