Historical Camouflages - Asia


Today, we’d like to tell you more about the upcoming Asian historical camouflages that we’ll be introducing in the near future.

As you already know full well, the Spirithaven season is Asian-themed and while the Enigma’s Legacy Battle Path is technically not, it does feature some interesting Asian vehicles as well. In order to make your Asian machines look more realistic, we’ve prepared a set of three popular camouflages. How do we know they are popular? Because you’ve been requesting them for quite some now. They are being introduced based on your feedback and we hope you will enjoy them.

The first camouflage is a Japanese summer one, consisting of wide brown and dark green stripes. The Japanese have been using this pattern for quite some now and it can be seen on many vehicles, including the Type 74 MBT, Type 90 MBT and the Type 10 MBT.


As camouflages go, it is a very simple one. The edges are clearly defined and, for more realism, it can be used in conjunction with the upcoming two Japanese decals – one belonging to the Fuji JGSDF training facility (observed on the Type 90 MBTs) and one to the 5th Tank Battalion, 5th Brigade of the Northern Army (observed on the Type 10 MBTs).


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The second camouflage, also widely requested, is a South Korean one, consisting a khaki base paint, wide brown stripes, narrow black stripes and narrow ochre stripes.


This camouflage is actively used by South Korea on multiple combat vehicles, especially tanks, and goes really well either with the T-80U MBT (some of them are operated by South Korea, although they were fairly recently officially retired) or with the recently introduced K2 Black Panther.


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And, last but not least, we are introducing a variant of a famous Indian camouflage. There are many sub-types and variants of this particular pattern with its most distinctive feature being the use of rectangles of various sizes and of different colors.


This particular pattern is suitable for the open, desert environments of north-western India where battles with Pakistan took place. It features yellow base paint (matching the palette that can be observed in the Thar Desert) with brown and green rectangles. This camouflage is a typical silhouette breaker, making it more difficult to spot the vehicle at longer distances and, most importantly, in defensive positions, since any movement in the desert will give away your position almost instantly due to the amounts of dust being kicked up by tracks.


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This type of camouflage has been used since the 1980s and appears today on various Indian BMPs and T-72S or T-90 MBTs (the indigenous Arjun tanks typically use different patterns).

These camouflages (available for all vehicles) will be available in the near future. We do hope you’ll enjoy them and, as always:

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