Historical Camouflages - Poland


As the last historical camouflage for this year and in connection with the upcoming Polish Independence Day celebration, we’ve prepared a pattern from Poland.


This is not exactly a service camouflage pattern for the Polish military, but it became somewhat famous because it was used on several prototypes displayed during the MSPO 2016 expo, most notably the PT-16 MBT, an upgraded T-72 variant. The pattern was likely devised by the company presenting the PT-16, the PGZ group (Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa).


This digital “silhouette breaker” pattern consists of light brown and black rectangles on green background. In Armored Warfare, it is best used on such Polish vehicles as the WPB Anders, the prototype of which was actually painted that way for the duration of the same expo.

Like before, this camouflage will be available for all vehicles and environments and will soon be available in Armored Warfare. We hope you will enjoy it.

Stay tuned and see you on the battlefield!

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