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As you know, we’ve been introducing skins and camouflages of famous Russian units over the last couple of months, but with the upcoming celebrations of the U.S. Independence Day, it’s time to shift our attention to the American side.


One of the things we wanted to do for a very long time was to introduce a skin based on Operation Desert Storm or the later Iraq War. You too have been requesting this for a while now – after all, there even are some amongst you who actually fought in that war itself. In the past, we added the M1A1 Storm Premium MBT, but that one was only available in limited amounts.


What we want is to give all of you the opportunity to drive a realistic-looking wartime Abrams.

The upcoming Independence Day celebrations are the perfect opportunity to do so since we’ve been celebrating that holiday every year since the game’s launch. Without further ado, we’re happy to present the M1A2 Warhammer skin for the M1A2 Abrams Tier 8 Main Battle Tank.


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The skin isn’t based on one particular real vehicle. It’s a mix of elements of multiple Abrams tank photographs from the Iraq War with the emphasis being put on making the model realistic, including:

  • Rust
  • Worn-out camouflage
  • Scorch marks from the use of guns
  • Damaged roadwheels replaced by incorrectly painted green ones

And so on. The vehicle has its own (fictional) name and some insignia roughly referring to the U.S. cavalry. As for the model itself, you may have noticed that the skin comes with a CITV commander’s optics finally modeled on the vehicle. They will be appearing on all M1A2-based models in the future as a part of the Abrams model improvement

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We hope that you will enjoy this skin as much as we enjoyed creating it for you and, as always:

See you on the battlefield!

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