Introducing the Armored Warfare Seasons


We are proud to announce that, very soon, Armored Warfare will enter a new chapter – the Seasons are coming!

The Seasons are story-driven content update blocs that will replace the current Update-based structures. Each Season will revolve around a particular Special Operations story arc, but will also include:

  • New progression vehicles
  • New maps
  • Game mode content

Naturally, game rebalances and bug fixes will also arrive during each season but it is the shared Season theme as well as connected time-limited events that will be the driving force behind the whole concept. As an example, competitive mode rounds will be season-based.

Each new Season will typically last for several months and will unveil another piece of the evolving Armored Warfare storyline. You’ll also have the opportunity to influence the story direction and earn Season rewards (including decals, skins or even unique premium vehicles) by participating in Season-based events.

Typically, a season will consist of two major content updates (“chapters”) with several fix-oriented smaller updates in-between.

The first season, called “Black Sea Incursion”, will start in the near future and will bring such long-awaited features as:

Israeli Main Battle Tank Progression Line - from the Super Sherman tanks to the latest Merkavas, this line covers all the essential Israeli models from the 1950s to the near future. Join us on this trip through the Israeli armor history and experience each of the legendary machines first hand.

World Map - we will be redesigning the default Garage view to match that of a world-spanning conflict of 2042. As a mercenary commander, you’ll be able to choose your missions on a large map while participating in faction warfare, campaign missions and much more.

Contract Missions - we’ve prepared a series of two separate mission campaigns – one for the PvP modes and one for the PvE mode. You’ll be able to participate in a large number of missions of various difficulty levels to earn epic rewards including special vehicle skins.

Battalion Activities - Assemble your battalion and pit your crew against ruthless enemies! Glory and valuable prizes await the winners!

Armor Inspector - ever wanted to see what does each tank’s armor exactly look like? The Armor Inspector feature will allow you to do just that with every tank laid bare in front of you. You’ll be able to learn each vehicle’s armor composition, layout and, most importantly, weak spots.

New and Overhauled Maps - the Black Sea Incursion season features a brand new Austrian-themed PvP map, but don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten PvE either. Three older PvE missions will be overhauled this season to significantly improve their gameplay and graphics. A new chapter of Special Operations awaits you as well, once again with unique rewards.

This all is but a glimpse of what awaits you in the next few months.

Stay tuned for more information and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

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