Introducing Episode 4 Mechanics


Episode 4 of the Storyline Campaign is coming and we’d like to give you an opportunity to once again decide the course of the campaign. But before we do that, we’d like to introduce the Episode 4 mechanisms.


You’ve often wondered what the Seahawk manpower, morale and other elements will be for. Here’s how the mechanics going to work.The basis of the Seahawk military power is the Manpower that will be re-calculated into Power.

Power will be split into the following categories:

  • Offensive Power (commanded by Kathryn Grey)
  • Defensive Power (commanded by Joshua Seagrove)
  • Command and Control (commanded by Adrian Blackwood)

These will further be modified by the Seahawk morale, producing an indicator called Military Strength.

  • Current Military Strength: 4413,5

If Military Strength reaches 0, the Campaign ends in a failure.

Calculation Details (Click to Open)

The Base Power value with 300 men is 2000. It drops by 12,5 for every man lost. If it reaches 0 (Seahawks lose 160 men in total), the Seahawks cease to exit as a unit. The current Base Power value for 237 men is 1212,5.

Seahawk base power consists of:

  • Offensive Power (Base Power * Kathryn Grey modifier)
  • Defensive Power (Base Power * Seagrove modifier)
  • Command and Control (base power * Blackwood modifier)

Power = (Offensive power + Defensive power + Command Resolve)*Morale modifier

Morale modifier:

  • Very low: 0,5
  • Low: 0,8
  • Neutral: 1
  • High: 1,3
  • Very High: 1,5

Commander Standing modifiers:

  • Very high: 1,5
  • High: 1,3
  • Neutral: 1
  • Low: 0,8
  • Very low: 0,5

Storyline Status

  • Current Stage: Episode 3 (Completed)
  • Location: Al-Arish Base, Sinai Peninsula
  • Seahawk Manpower: 237 (-50)
  • Morale: High (up from Medium)
  • Joshua Seagrove: Alive, Very Unhappy (down from Unhappy)
  • Kathryn Grey: Alive, Happy
  • Adrian Blackwood: Alive, Neutral

Military Strength will have the following effect:

  • Power over 5200: Episode 4 and Episode 5 become 10 percent less difficult
  • Power over 5500: Episode 4 and Episode 5 become 30 percent less difficult
  • Power over 7000: Episode 4 and Episode 5 become 50 percent less difficult
  • Power under 4200: Episode 4 and Episode 5 become 10 percent more difficult
  • Power under 3600: Episode 4 and Episode 5 become 30 percent more difficult
  • Power under 2300: Episode 4 and Episode 5 become 50 percent more difficult

And now it’s time to make the decisions – follow the Armored Warfare portal to learn more!

We’ll see you on the battlefield!

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