Introducing PTS Update 0.8.1344

Obsidian Entertainment and are proud to present the new patch 0.8.1344 that will be applied today on the Public Test Server.

List of Changes

User Interface fixes

  • Building Bar now sorts on tier and name
  • Base now closes Details on ESC key, next ESC press returns to Garage from Base
  • Added multiple scroll buttons
  • Fixed various Base issues
  • Added a view to the game that shows current boosts

Player versus Environment AI

  • Updated the MBT's in Tier 3 standard versions so that they are more likely to block shots from the front
  • Changed the PvE AI vehicle slot in tier 3 battles from Leopard to T-64

ERC 90 Changes

  • Damage increased
  • Rate of fire increased
  • Accuracy and aim time reduced

Miscellaneous changes

  • Vehicle descriptions added for new 0.8 vehicles
  • Repair button in service overlay now functions
  • Added some visual effect updates to Lost Island
  • Changes to dealer tree prerequisites for American MBTs, West European MBTs, and Recon Vehicles.
  • Adjusted incoming ATGM icon to have 4 rings instead of 6, adjusted all warning icons (incoming ATGM, incoming SPG, spotted, on fire, drowning) to have black shadows instead of colored glows
  • Tweaked size of special ability hotkeys from 8pt to 12pt and added dark glow shadow for legibility
  • New commander, skills and strings.
  • Updated AW logo
  • Fixed potential issue with platoons who have invalid members trying to join the queue
  • Fixed the issue where some confirmation dialog boxes were missing headers
  • Included crash handler in final client - players will be prompted to send crash reports to Obsidian
  • Fixed the issue where the consumables tab selector was missing a black outline
  • Fixed the "invisible AI tanks in the PvE game" issue

What is Public Test Server and how to join

Public Test Server is a special server running the newest version of the game. Its goal is to provide the players with the option to test the newest game build, although such builds often have more issues and bugs than the live server. It is now available for every player with Early Access without any restrictions. The main features of Public Test Server (compared to the Early Access server) are:

  • The progression is significantly faster in order for players to unlock the vehicles for testing
  • Tier 1-4 vehicles are awarded for free to every player
  • The server runs the latest version that can however contain more bugs than the live Early Access version
  • It is active only during certain hours (currently 8PM - 8AM CEST, 12PM-12AM PDT)

To join Public Test Server, please follow these easy steps:

  • Open the launcher (available in the download section)
  • On the upper bar, select "Game Directory"
  • From the games menu, select "Armored Warfare Public Test Server"
  • Download the PTS client (unfortunately a necessary step due to the fact the Early Access and the PTS servers are not running the same version of the game)

See you on the battlefield!

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