Introducing the Worldwide PvE Tournament

Introducing the player-driven Worldwide PvE Tournament that will take place on both servers! Assemble a team and join the battles to win pretty cool prizes!


Tournament date: May 15th (EU: 7PM to 9:30 CEST, NA: 7PM to 9:30PM EDT)
Tournament mode: PvE
Tournament format: Score most Reputation points in PvE battles during the appointed time, 5 best results submitted
Team composition: 4x Tier 6 + 1x (non-Premium) Tier 7
Server: European, North-American
Prizes for the winning teams:

  • 1st Place: WZ-1224 + 1500 Gold + 4 Weeks Premium
  • 2nd Place: BWP-1M Puma + 1000 Gold + 2 Week Premium
  • 3rd Place: Chieftain Mk6 + 500 Gold + 1 Week Premium

Teams can sign up on the Armored Warfare Leagues website, for the full list of rules see this post.

We hope you will enjoy this event and will see you on the battlefield!

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