Maintenance - December 10

On the 10th of December, starting from 8:00 CET (9th of December, 11 PM PST), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.34.7554


List of Update 0.34.7554 Changes

This update is bringing the Echoes of War Battle Path, which will start upon its release.

Please note that the previously announced return of the SPG class to the Global Operations mode will take place on December 15, 2020.

Starting with this update, all newly registered accounts will receive the Type 59-IIA Tier 4 Premium MBT along with 7 days of Premium Time upon their first log-in to the game.

Special Operation “Plague”

We are introducing a number of gameplay fixes, including:

  • Fixed a number of spots where players could get stuck on rocks or other environmental objects
  • Fixed the bridge hole collision model so that players no longer get stuck there
  • Changed the way the AI vehicles appear when capturing the first three caches in the beginning of the mission (they now appear once you get close to the lower level, not immediately upon the caches’ capture)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the base gate textures to flicker
  • Fixed an issue where players would see the voiceover dialogues incorrectly upon respawning or if the mission loading process took too long
  • AI vehicles now have a distinctive camouflage, similar to the one you can obtain by completing the mission
  • Fixed a number of smaller visual issues (objects hanging in the air and such)
  • Fixed a number of smaller collision issues

General Changes

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused vehicle models to disappear with only their tracks remaining visible
  • Fixed an issue that could cause low performance on PCs with relatively slow CPUs
  • The following vehicles have their machineguns back: M8 MGM-166, BMD-1, BMP-1, BMD-1P, BMP-1P
  • Altay: Fixed this vehicle’s aiming
  • Al Hussein: The Samurai skin no longer breaks this tank’s armor
  • Abrams series: Fixed a number of smaller model issues (including the gun mantlet model and the hatches), the top mantlet cover is now properly animated and the UI armor values now reflect the real values (the armor thickness itself did not change)
  • Ramka-99 and BMPT Mod.2017: Fixed the incorrect reload time for the thermobaric ATGMs
  • M109: This vehicle now has a machinegun on its turret
  • M113 Hellfire: Fixed an issue where the tandem HEAT ATGM would deal too much damage upon non-penetrations
  • M60-2000: Fixed this vehicle’s turret armor model
  • Rosomak, Rosomak M1: Added the missing second decal slot
  • Type 10: Fixed an issue where some smaller parts of this vehicle’s armor were too thick
  • Type 90: The white reverse lights now light up properly when going backwards
  • Fixed an issue where the real shell characteristics would sometimes differ from those shown in the Garage
  • Updated and optimized the Global Operations objective and the match point (ticket) UI
  • Fixed some smaller visual issues
  • Added a number of assets for future events
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