Maintenance - Hotfix 0.11.1630

On the 1st of December 2015, starting from 08:00 AM CET (EU server) and 01:00 AM PST (NA server), the Open Beta servers will not be available for four hours (until approximately 12:00 CET - 05:00 AM PST) due to the application of Update 0.11.1630, bringing corrections to some of the critical issues in Armored Warfare.


List of Update 0.11.1630 Changes

  • Fixed the issue where the vehicles entered battle with wrong consumables equipped
  • Fixed the issue with too high High Explosive shell damage
  • Fixed the issue where dead AI vehicles in PvE mode could capture objectives defended by players
  • Fixed the localization of the MERC vehicle descriptions and tooltips
  • Fixed the issue where sound settings did not save correctly
  • Fixed several small UI issues (incorrect use of font sizes)

Please note that the maintenance can be extended beyond the abovementioned timeframe. We apologize for the inconvenience.

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