Maintenance - November 23

On the 23rd of November 2017, starting from 7:00 CET (22nd of November, 10 PM PST), the Open Beta servers will not be available for 4 hours due to the application of Update 0.22.4274


List of Update 0.22.4274 Changes

Important Changes

  • Fixed the issue that was causing the vehicles to become stuck in matches and the players receiving the “match failed” announcement
  • Fixed the bugged Wilk XC8 120mm PELE ammunition in order to reduce the damage it makes without penetrations
  • The Waterway map is now available again, for both PvP and Global Operations
  • The Operation Watchdog PvE map is now available again
  • Introduced three new premium vehicles – Vickers Mk.7/2 “Vanquisher”, Sabra Mk.2 and Marder 2
  • Fixed bugs on Tiger’s Claw map, including the excessively short enemy capture time
  • Fixed a number of bugs leading to client crashes


  • Fixed the issue with secondary gun loading at the launch of the battle
  • Fixed the issue that caused some textures on multiple vehicles to appear black
  • Fixed the colors of several vehicles
  • Fixed the track textures of several vehicles
  • Fixed the Type 96A ATGM name
  • Fixed the Type 96 and Type 96A engine names
  • Fixed the ERA visual model of BMP-3M Dragun 125
  • Fixed the ammo rack explosion effect of Stingray and Stingray 2
  • Fixed the FV438 Swingfire visual model on minimal graphics settings
  • Fixed the BMP-1, BMP-1P and BWP-1M Puma armor (the three vehicles had different armor values, they were brought to BMP-1 standard)
  • Fixed the bug that made camouflage appear on the bottom plate of several vehicles
  • Fixed the texture of the rubber side skirts on BMPT-72 and T-90
  • Fixed the bug that caused the glass on gun sights and periscopes to not appear on minimal settings
  • Fixed the visual model of the engine fire smoke on Type 96 and Type 96A
  • Fixed the bugged camouflage of Challenger 1 FALCON that incorrectly appeared on roadwheels


  • Fixed the incorrect Cold Strike and Pipelines skirmish minimaps
  • Fixed the missing Waterway textures
  • Fixed the texture flickering on the River Point map
  • Fixed the invisible obstacle at J6 on the Hydra PvE map
  • Fixed the spawn point minimap icons on Cold Strike and Tropical Coast maps

User Interface

  • Reworked several vehicle icons in the Garage
  • Reworked the Tutorial UI to account for the new Commander system
  • Fixed the bug that caused the approaching bomber warning to appear too late
  • Fixed the post-battle debriefing window tooltip texts
  • Fixed the Upgrade window scrolling
  • Fixed several vehicle comparison window UI bugs
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