Maintenance - October 28

On the 28th of October 2021, starting from 8:00 CEST (27th of October, 11 PM PDT), the server will not be available for 5 hours due to the application of Update 0.37.8514


List of Update 0.37.8514 Changes

  • Right-clicking on a vehicle that you do not own (for example in the Tech Tree or Raid UI) now allows you to open its Visual Customization window in order to see how it would look with skins and camouflages
  • M1128 MGS: Fixed the armor (missing cages) and collision model of this vehicle
  • M48 GAU-8: The armor now correctly corresponds to the M48A3 MBT model
  • M51: Increased the reload time from 3.3s to 7.2s
  • M60A3 USMC: Fixed this skin’s appearance
  • T-64A Mod.1969: Fixed the FCS module so that it can now be installed correctly along with the Stabilizer module and improves the aiming time by 20%
  • TAM 2IP: The smoke grenade launcher now has 2 charges with a 3 second cooldown
  • Fixed an issue where some vehicles would fire below the reticle position
  • Added the assets required for the launch of the Vanguard Raid, bound to launch on October 28
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