MyLoot Discounts: T-62M


This week’s first MyLoot discounts round features the T-62M Tier 4 Premium Main Battle Tank!

The T-62M is an upgraded version of the Soviet T-62 Medium Tank. The main improvements include an applique armor kit with a typical turret-mounted “Illyich’s Eyebrows” composite strip, significantly improving the vehicle’s protection against HEAT projectiles and guided missiles. The T-62M could also fire guided missiles of its own, making it a truly deadly opponent. Despite being built as an upgrade to face modern western MBTs in Europe, the T-62M has seen active service only recently – in Syria. You can read more about it in our dedicated article.


In Armored Warfare, the T-62M is a Tier 4 Premium Main Battle Tank. Significantly tougher than the Tier 3 progression T-62, the T-62M can shrug off most hits from vehicles of the same Tier and aiming at weakspots is the only chance to penetrate it. On the other hand, the extra armor is quite heavy, reducing the tank’s mobility.

Between January 22 and January 24, 2019, the T-62M will be available as a standalone vehicle with 10 percent discount on MyLoot along with the following special discounted bundles:

Improved Bundle with 20% discount, containing:

  • T-62M Tier 4 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • 3 Gold Loot Crates
  • 2 Gold Battlefield Glory 12-hour Boost tokens
  • 5 Gold Crew Insignia tokens
  • 5 Gold Commander Insignia tokens
  • 5 Gold Reputation Insignia tokens
  • 5 Gold Credits Insignia tokens
  • 5 Gold Experience Insignia tokens
  • 350 Gold

Prime Bundle with 47% discount, containing:

  • T-62M Tier 4 Premium Main Battle Tank
  • 3 Platinum Loot Crates
  • 3 Platinum Battlefield Glory 12-hour Boost tokens
  • 7 Platinum Crew Insignia tokens
  • 7 Platinum Commander Insignia tokens
  • 7 Platinum Reputation Insignia tokens
  • 7 Platinum Credits Insignia tokens
  • 7 Platinum Experience Insignia tokens
  • 550 Gold


Please note:

  • This offer starts on January 22, 16:00 CET (7 AM PST)
  • This offer ends on January 24, 16:00 CET (7 AM PST)
  • If you already owned a bundle vehicle, you will instead receive its Compensation Value in Gold instead

We hope that you will enjoy this offer and will see you on the battlefield!

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